Gregoire Fellows Program: How to Apply

The Gregoire Fellows Program, named in honor of former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire, recognizes students for their academic and professional achievements, unique perspectives, and leadership potential to diversify the legal profession in Washington.

The program – launched in 2015 at the University of Washington School of Law – aims to diversify the legal profession and the law school community, particularly in Washington state. The program expanded in 2019 to include Seattle U Law.

Gregoire Fellows spend the summer after their first year clerking at both a major corporate law firm and either a Seattle-based corporation or government agency. In addition to summer employment, Gregoire Fellows receive:

  • Seattle U Law scholarship
  • $20,000 first-year summer stipend
  • Mentorship from former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire and distinguished members of the Seattle legal community
  • $5,000 bar exam study stipend

Application requirements

Application deadline:  March 1, 2021

To apply, submit an essay of no more than 700 words (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format) that describes:

  1. How your individual perspectives and experiences will contribute to Seattle U Law and the Washington state legal community
  2. How a summer internship with a law firm and a corporation or government agency will further your professional goals

Email your essay to the Office of Admission. 

Some factors you may wish to consider discussing include:

  • Racial or ethnic diversity
  • Disability
  • Family or personal adversity
  • Foreign language skills
  • First generation college attendance
  • Leadership potential
  • Perseverance overcoming obstacles
  • Prejudice or discrimination
  • Social hardships
  • Socioeconomic disadvantage
  • LGBTQ+ or gender expression