Academic Resources & Faculty Advisors

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is nationally renowned for its continued commitment to access to the profession, its comprehensive pedagogy and its successful alumni. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides resources that will enable you to achieve your academic and professional goals.

• Individual Conferences: The ARC Team is available to meet with you on an individual basis to help you develop study plans that will increase your success in law school. Individual study plans will help you with time management, study strategies, and learning techniques.

• Workshops: The ARC Team presents workshops that will introduce you to study strategies and learning tools necessary for success in law school. Although many workshops focus on study strategies for first-year students, ARC presents workshops for upper-level students that address test-taking skills.

•Online Resources: ARC provides a library of online resources to foster your independent learning. Our online resources include practice questions with materials for guided review, as well as podcasts.

Faculty Advisors

Members of our faculty are committed to ensuring our students' academic success, and welcome the opportunity to talk with students about general and specific academic matters. We have observed over time that our students informally seek advisory assistance from one or more of their professors because of similar legal interests, compatible styles, or other qualitative factors.

However, since new students may not yet be sufficiently well acquainted with faculty members to make such judgments comfortably, we assign an interim faculty adviser to each member of the Entering Class. Included in the Orientation packet (given to you on the 1st day of orientation) will be the name of your faculty advisor.