Stefanie Young

3L Year


The last hurrah! I cannot believe it has been such a long time coming. 3L year is in full swing and I miss the summer already. This past summer I was a Rule 9 at King Count Public Defense at Associated Counsel for the Accused Division, in the Involuntary Treatment Abuse (ITA) Unit. For those who do not know what ITA is, it is the Mental Health Unit for KCPD. It was truly amazing experience. I was able to go on the record, talk to many clients in hospitals all across Washington and explain them their rights, ask the clients what they wish their next steps were, and even did a mock trial. My supervisor is phenomenal, and I am so blessed that we got paired together. She gave me true Public Defense overview; I shadowed the investigators and went downtown looking for a homeless defendant, went to a witness’s home to see if we could ask him questions about another defendant. I also shadowed a social worker and went to various hospitals to talk to clients that attorneys requested a social worker for; I event went to drug court to see how it functions differently from civil commitment.

I did my Rule 9 as a criminal externship, which means that I went to class every two weeks and got six credits for it. It was nice to hear what others were doing at different units and organizations. Professor Stearns was an amazing professor that I got a chance to learn from, and he even came to DPD during one of our trainings to talk about storytelling.

I also took the MPRE this summer and studied for it while I was doing my externship. Luckily, the MPRE was on August 11th, and it was the day after I ended at DPD.

This semester I will be volunteering with DPD and going to talk to clients at the hospitals!

Aside from the law, I went home for a week, went LA for a basketball tournament and saw some of my best friends down there, and hiked a lot this summer around Washington!


This semester I am taking Contract Drafting, Internet Law, Uniform Commercial Code Sales, and Trust and Estates. I have already had a “quiz” (which more like a midterm) in my Trust & Estates class with Professor Minneti (one of the best professors, but he will make you work! As long as you put in the work, you will succeed). I have another “quiz” this Friday and then we are going to be in the home stretch. Internet law has been extremely interesting given how far technology has advanced, I highly recommend this class taught by Professor Tapia.

This month has been filled with lots of networking events. I attended the Asian Bar Association of Washington’s Annual Gala and the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) had three events this month. We had our first ever networking event with the Loren Miller Bar Association (which was a tremendous success!), we brought back the Halloween party, had a fun time, and we collaborated with Operation Night Watch, a soup kitchen right by campus to cook and provide food for the homeless. Now it’s time to buckle down and get outlines done and work on practice exams so that I can enjoy thanksgiving break and crush finals!

We started a flag football team for intramurals but we aren’t doing so hot, so hopefully we will get a win soon!