Stefanie Young

2L Year


Homestretch! I made sure all my outlines were done by thanksgiving break. I worked on my journal too but unfortunately did not get as much done as I wanted to. I did however; work on it a ton over winter break! I had 2 in person finals (Constitutional Law and Professional Responsibility), 1 take home final (family law), and a paper for moderate means program. I was really worried about Constitutional law, but I surprisingly had time to review what I wrote. Will see how I end up doing. The family law final was tough but I enjoyed writing the paper. Professor Bowen did an amazing job teaching the class. Taking the MPRE in November helped me study for the Professional Responsibility test (even though I did not pass the first time). Lastly, I thoroughly enjoyed the moderate means program practicum and will continue to volunteer with the program. I wrote a paper about the difficulty for mentally ill parents getting custody of their children.

Over break, I went back to Hong Kong to see my family and arrived back to the US in on the 1st. I spent the week in San Francisco for the BLSA Conference held at USF. I had a good time listening and learning from the various panelists. I also met some very cool people and made some connections.

For the spring semester I am taking Business Entities, Civil Procedure 2, Criminal Procedure Investigative, and Legal Writing 2. I am most anxious about legal writing 2 but am also excited to write appellate briefs and make oral arguments.

Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year!


I don’t even know where to start! We just finished our second round of midterms – I had a family law MEE and a con law midterm due this morning. I am taking the MPRE this Saturday. Once this week is over, we have 4 more weeks of classes. I cannot believe how fast time has flown bye. I am definitely exhausted. Constitutional Law is really hard for me and I am meeting with my professor to go over the concepts. Family law is going well, I really enjoy that class and Professor Bowen is a great professor. Moderate Means is going well too, but it has been hard to make calls recently because of all the midterms going on but I am excited to get back to it next week. Admissions work has been busy too because we have been giving and scheduling tours, packaging brochures for our admissions team travelling all over the United States to recruit new students. This month, I also attended the Asian Bar Association of Washington’s Annual Gala. One of my classmates received a scholarship award and she invited me to come along with her. There, I made connections with a couple professors and one of the award winners, Serin Ngai, who won the Community Service Award. I am interested in learning the Chinese legalese and helping out with translation from English to Mandarin and Cantonese.

NBA season has finally started! I am playing fantasy again this year so we will see how it goes. Just came back from California, so it was nice to get away for a weekend, even though there was a lot to do. Being around family really helps. I am really looking forward to thanksgiving. I will be working on my journal article, completing my outlines, and studying for finals.

It is definitely a really busy time right now and I am just getting over a cold. I need to make sure I get rest. So I am going to go back to work so I can get some rest later. Shorter journal entry this month, but stay tuned!


2L year is in FULL swing. 6 weeks down. It’s been a crazy ride so far and 2L year is definitely busy. Moderate means practicum starts this week and we are going to start making calls (this is nice for me because I get to continue what I was doing over the summer and get credit for it). Just had a quarter exam for constitutional law due last Monday and 2 in class MEEs (like midterms but more like the bar exam essay portion) for family law. I am taking the MPRE in November for professional responsibility. Had our first SJEL assignment due mid September too! BLSA also had its 1L welcome at Professor Mahmuds house which had a great turn out! The food I ordered apparently didn’t go through to the restaurant... (!!!!!!) almost had a panic attack, but luckily Ezell’s was understanding and put the order together in no time for us! Dean Clark and Dean Bird and our own staff Roderick and Colin both came! It was a fun time.

I am keeping with my routine - still playing basketball and gym. Just had a tournament in Vegas early September, which we won! SO GLAD I went to California mid September because I came back to RAIN & COLD. It got cold fast. On another note, my parents are stopping in Seattle for a couple days before they head to Toronto for my cousins wedding. Been homesick this week (and got dim sum as my fix) but it will be nice to see them. My best friend is also coming to town next week! Definitely a busy but will ensure that I get all my work done especially with so many deadlines coming up! SUN is still out so getting the most of it now before it goes far away! *PS. I have secured a summer internship but this will be announced later :) Until next time.


WOW! It’s weird saying I am a 2L. This summer has been insane but I am glad because I learned A LOT from everything I was doing. Evidence was an amazing class, loved it. I learned so much from the Moderate Means Program and still am. Likewise with Housing Justice Project & it was a pleasure and honor to work with the ARC Summer class this year!

This year I am taking: Constitutional Law, Family Law, Professional Responsibility, and the Moderate Means Practicum. I figured that since I already did MMP over the summer as a volunteer, I can now get credit for it! I made this decision because I am also a staff editor for the Seattle Journal of Environmental Law. As a staff editor I will have to write my own piece this school year and edit papers.I am also volunteering 2 more friday’s this month at Housing Justice Project and then taking a break from them to focus on school & SJEL.

I am continuing my job at Admissions and we just hired the 1L’s! I look forward to working with them and am excited to have the pleasure of continuing to work for Admissions. Summer was truly an amazing time to work at Admissions!

This year has already been crazy and we are about to start week 3. Going for a basketball tournament this weekend in Las Vegas and seeing my family the weekend after. Stay Tuned!

1L Year


So unfortunately (I think I am still upset about this haha, but there is definitely next year!) we did not win in the championship game. The other team was hitting unexpected shots, and everyone was making their shots. They deserved to win, but we are coming back stronger next year to take that Championship!

It has definitely been a tough month but March Madness was amazing and that definitely helped! I made time to watch most of the games and make brackets. Was hoping for a Gonzaga win (even though I normally have Duke winning!) but nonetheless it was very entertaining.

We definitely had a lot of material to read through out this month and it wasn’t easy but we are alive and we made it! Just making sure to remember to take care of myself. Thankfully we had spring break and it was really nice. I used that time to catch up on and update my outlines, worked at Admissions to make some money, and played a bunch of basketball.

For legal writing, we worked on our 6th and final memo this month that is due at the beginning of April. Good thing we got an extension for it; otherwise March would have been even more overwhelming and busy. All we have left after this memo is two timed-memos and that’s it! It is unreal to think that we are nearing the end and have come so far. For my other classes, property definitely started picking up further with many complex terms, so taking extra time to understand the materials in order to perform well during finals. Contract class has been going well and I am starting to like it a lot more. Intro to Practice has been taking up some time just to understand the materials and how simulations work for client negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations, drafting demand letters and leases and many more.


This past month has actually been kind of hectic. I am making sure that I stay on top of my outlining because I do not want to feel as overwhelmed as I did last semester. The highlight of this month was definitely participating in the 1L Mock Trial competition. The fact pattern we worked with was really interesting and it was overall a fantastic experience. We got to pick our own witnesses and prepared them for their role/character and both of our witnesses performed amazingly! *Shoutout if you two are reading this J Although we had to spend more time working and preparing for the competition and sacrificing time from homework/studying over the weekends, the feedback that we received was amazing and I am really glad I decided to participate in the competition.

School is now in full swing and luckily we had a snow day (my first one ever!) and a couple holidays this past month to catch up on homework and sleep. I am spending more time on contracts and property now and legal writing is going well so far. I plan to continue to stay on top of my work. The phones have also been ringing a lot more recently at work because the deadline for applicants is March 1st. We are giving more tours and reaching out to admitted students to see if they need any more information/tips and assistance with whatever they may need.

On another note, intramural basketball has been going on this past month and it has been a lot of fun playing with the law school team. I also play in a women’s league on Tuesday’s and another men’s team for intramurals on Wednesday’s. The law school team is in the finals and we play next Monday. I will let you guys know what happens on the next journal, so stay tuned!


This break I went home and attended a wedding and finally went on a trip to Thailand with my family after 6 years. During break I relaxed, hit the gym, played basketball, saw old friends from high school and college, and spent time with family. With the free time I had I almost didn’t know what to do with it, but I edited all four the memo’s I wrote in legal writing to prepare them as potential writing samples. At the end of the semester, I went to the CPD to get an idea of how I should apply for internships and got a lot of guidance and insight for the process. I began researching different places I could potentially be eligible to do an internship or volunteer at, updating my resume and drafting cover letters. The break was definitely too short but I am glad we had that time off to reflect and relax.

In January, I came back to the states and stopped in LA for a couple of days to see my college friends before hitting the books. It is now week 4 of school and I have already started outlining and making sure that I am not as stressed as I was during finals time first semester. We have had a contracts review session that was very helpful and many opportunities to meet with professors and ARC advisors to discuss our exams and how we could perform better at the end of spring semester. This semester I have 5 classes instead of 4. I still have Torts, Legal Writing, and Contracts, but Civil Procedure is now Property class. After legal writing now, we have an Introduction to Practice class which is pretty interesting because it gives you a more realistic view of what practice in the real world will be like, and how you should present yourself when interacting with clients, fellow colleagues, and judges. I am also preparing to participate in the 1L mock trial competition, so more details to follow.


Towards, the end of last month, I was stressing out because I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to finish and understand all the concepts. I just wanted to stop learning so I could review, but thank goodness for Thanksgiving! I went to San Francisco to be with some family and made sure that I reviewed and completed my outlines with gaps and questions to fill during this last week of review. I feel much better now with the amount of time and really need to hone in on the details in preparation for finals. Professors have been extremely helpful in providing review classes/sessions, practice exams, exam preparation materials and topics we have covered through out the year.

This is the time of the year where I begin to see what I need to work on/focus more on next semester, but I will worry about all of that once finals are over. I have a Contracts final, then a 2 day break to study for Civil Procedure, and a 3 days before the Torts final; and then I am FREE! I really want to do well this year with finals. I know that I cannot put too much pressure on myself, but I will do whatever it takes to perform at my best. At the end of the day, I will leave it all on the final, whatever grade I get, I get; and I will not let it discourage me. This is what I am starting to learn while being at Law School. Everyone’s path to success is different, there will be moments where you feel a lot of pressure to perform well in such a competitive environment, but you cannot lose yourself in the process and must trust that you are doing what you need for yourself to succeed. Don’t compare yourself to others. LETS CRUSH THESE FINALS!!!


WOW. It has been an unreal experience thus far as a 1L here at SU Law. As a fellow ARC student, I was here in Seattle for my first ever law class in June. I took criminal law and was introduced to legal writing. I personally found this opportunity extremely beneficial and am so grateful that I was able to be part of it because I honestly do not think I could have come to law school on the first day and not be stressed and overwhelmed about how to write memos, read, analyze, and brief cases, and stay on track with classes However, this was my personal experience; I believe anyone can do law school as long as they are wiling to the put in the effort. What I have found most helpful in organizing and managing my time is making sure that I have my days planned out with a calendar. Aside from classes, I allot times to study, work at my two jobs, meet with professors and academic advisors, and most importantly working out. I play basketball or lift as my source of stress relief.

A typical day for me looks like this:

I wake up around 8 and prepare for class by either typing up notes I did not complete the night before and review the cases/concepts that would be discussed that day. I have my first class on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 10:30 am. On Wednesday, my first class doesn’t start till 11 am. On Monday and Wednesdays I have torts first and legal writing at 2:30 pm. During this break if I have completed everything for legal writing or have read a decent amount for my Tuesday/Thursday classes, I would go play basketball. After legal writing, I work in admissions till 5pm. On Wednesdays, I also work in admissions at 9am because of Torts starting at 11am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Contracts, then I work in admissions till 2pm and have Civil Procedure till 3:40 pm. I have no class on Friday’s, so this is my day to outline, review the week, and meet with any professors or advisors. I normally play basketball at noon on Friday’s too.

In early September, I got two jobs. One as an admissions fellow and the other with game operations for the NCAA games offered at SU. At first, I was worried as to whether I would be able to balance two jobs, but my game operations job is based on my availability, so it is nice that the school is understanding that law school comes first and is flexible. I am still in the process of figuring out the best time management system for me, so I will keep you guys posted! Also, this is a time that everyone starts to get sick, myself included; so I’m going to take a nap and get back to studying.