Mynor Lopez


I have to say, I was pretty nervous to start law school. I don't know very many lawyers, no one in my family practices law, and most of what I knew about the law was from what I read in the newspaper and in books. When I arrived on campus for orientation, I had no idea what to expect, but Seattle U has been so welcoming I don't know how to put it into words. I immediately met people with similar interests, made new friends, and got to know faculty and staff in a setting more relaxed than the classroom; it was great! I'm loving my first month in law school!

I honestly can't believe how the time flies. I can happily say I not only survived my first law school midterm in Civil Procedure, but I feel pretty good about it! It taught me a valuable lesson about time management. It's not just the time you spend in class but everything you do outside to really learn the material that counts!  I was lucky enough to get to know some second year and third year law students who were helpful and showed me how they approached the class. It is great to be surrounded by peers who want to see you grow and share their knowledge and experience with you.  I think the most important piece of advice they gave me so far is to outline classes early and often. It was definitely helpful for my midterm and I know it will be even more helpful for my finals. My outlines are already lengthy, but it is important to get the information you learned on paper and in a way that helps you remember the material.

Along with my peers, I got to meet my 1L advisor who is faculty here at Seattle U. You read that right, I have an advisor who is here to help me through my 1L year, and she is awesome! I was lucky that she has the same interests as I do - taxes, contracts, financial sector, and estate planning - it was great to know I have someone to lean on as I go through this first year in learning how to think, write, and advocate like a lawyer!

My next mission over the coming months is to look at student organizations and hopefully find one or two that pique my interest and get me opportunities to network with people with similar interests!


October has been a whirlwind this first year. Looking back on what I knew in September to what I know now, I am blown away at how much information I learned in two months! I feel like a lot of my classes are starting to solidify in my mind and I can see how a lot of them interconnect. In each reading I see a sprinkling of all the subjects I am learning. The school portion has been great, but the professional development has been great too.

I recently met with our Center for Professional Development. It gave me an opportunity to see all the options that exist as a future career for me. They helped me build up my resume and start attending networking events. I have been able to meet a few practicing attorneys which has helped me learn about a variety of different careers fields such as tax law, estate planning, cybersecurity, and intellectual property. I have to say, I am stuck because they all sound so interesting and I am glad I simply have the opportunity to meet all of these people. I am happy to say I have a few potential coffee dates with some attorneys - but I need to make sure I am focused on school too.

This next month I will be focusing heavily on finals and solidifying my outlines to make sure that I can knock them out of the park. I luckily have a good group of friends and colleagues who are helpful and willing to help each other study and talk complicated legal questions out. It is hard to believe finals are a month away, time to get cracking!


I can't believe it is already the end of the semester! November flew by because of Thanksgiving break, but I've been hard at work getting my outlines together, studying, and overall preparing for finals. Working with classmates has been helpful. Being able to talk back and forth about the ideas and concepts for class is important to my study style, but now I need to start practicing on my own, so I've been working through the material that my professors have provided and the supplemental materials available in the library. These materials have been a great way to prepare. I am also thankful that my professors have been open and available to answer my questions both in person and via email.

Along with preparing for finals I’ve began looking at and applying for summer positions and, luckily, I got an interview for one of the positions! I am excited to interview, but nervous at the same time. This will be my first interview for a legal position. So, I decided to call in the reinforcements from our Center for Professional Development. I'm working with Erin and she has been awesome through the whole process. She has helped me review my resume and cover letter and given me some pretty insightful feedback on how to prepare. I have a meeting with her to go over interview skills a few days before my interview and I think that will help calm my nerves.

Overall, November and early December have been kind and I am lucky that everyone here has been so supportive of me and my work. I look forward to tackling finals and then spending some quality time with family — especially since my personal time has all but evaporated over the last few weeks. Wish me luck!