Jackie Borgonia

1L Year


Before coming here, I spoke with many law students and they told me that law school is a lot of work, but time will fly. Sitting here, six weeks into fall semester, I cannot believe how true that statement is. I started my journey in June through the ARC program. After taking two years between undergraduate and law school, I was beyond nervous to reenter the academic setting. Those seven weeks taught me how to effectively brief a case, recognize legal issues, write a legal memo, and most importantly, provided me with supportive staff and classmates that I consistently confide in and frantically wave at.

Although I survived criminal law, I was still nervous to start the fall semester. Instead of concentrating on one class, there were four. To add to the uncertainty of how this semester was going to start, there were many opportunities introduced to me within the first month. I didn’t want to over commit myself, so I had to figure out what organization to get involved in. I ultimately decided to join the Seattle Youth Traffic Court. As a mentor, we engage with high school students through a restorative justice program. Once a month, we facilitate court hearings where high school students, cited for minor traffic violations, are tried by a court of their peers. So far it has been a great experience and a nice change from being in the law school.

Through my first month, I learned the importance of time management and organization. Initially, I got my schedule and thought, “wow, I’m not in class for very long! I will easily get all my work done!” Oh how wrong I was! You get your classes which is the foundation of your schedule. You then get to add study time. Slowly, as you begin to get involved, you have to block more time for those commitments. Before you know it, you will be booked for most of the day! If you don’t use a planner and are getting overwhelmed, I highly recommend getting yourself one. My planner keeps me organized and sane. I try to plan most of my days, including free time. Self-care is important and I continuously try to incorporate that. As I move into my second month, I am interested to see what is to come.


Last month I couldn’t believe how fast the semester was going… This month is no different! With October in the rear view mirror, there is only one more month of classes. It is crazy and partially terrifying! This past month was filled with classes, office hours, events, writing, and a whole lot of reading. It constantly feels like there is not enough hours in the day!

As I wrap up my second month in law school, I have been trying to figure out how to be more efficient with my time. I commute to school every day from Bremerton and I did not realize how much time it took until I added all the hours together. In a single day, four hours are used for commuting. That is at least twenty hours a week! Because of that, I have been quickly learning the importance of time management. It is one thing to schedule most of your day, it is another thing sticking to that schedule. I have to continuously remind myself to focus during study hours and I have learned I am most productive in the mornings. In order to accommodate that, I try to wake up earlier.

When scheduling your day, make sure to put in relaxing time for yourself. I suggest at least an hour. Do whatever you need to refuel for the next day. I started taking barre classes (barre is a ballet inspired workout). This allows me one hour to myself without having to think or worry about what I need to do next. I also make time for family and friends whenever I can. Overall, it is easy to get caught up in classes, assignments, and extracurriculars, but it is equally important to take care of yourself. It is sick season around here and getting sick is the last thing you need!

November will be a whirlwind, but I am excited to see what is to come!