Andrew Lindsay


Somehow, six weeks of law school are already in the past! Like many other 1Ls, I've been thinking about law school for many years and wondering what it would be like. Would it be the cutthroat environment that Elle Woods endured or something radically different?

Thus far, law school has been hard, as expected, but I have never felt alone while navigating this new terrain. Professors have high expectations for students and there is an ever-increasing amount of reading, but each professor truly wants to see students succeed. While 1Ls do not get to choose their classes, each professor has made a concerted effort to teach the material in a dynamic and engaging fashion. Courses I thought I might dread, like property or contracts, have been very interesting! During orientation, time management was mentioned again and again, and I can now see why there was such a focus. As a law school student, you're not in class for 8 hours a day. Besides class, students can become involved in organizations on campus, internships, externships, and many other opportunities. Figuring out how to efficiently allocate your time outside of class is indeed a skill and one I'm still trying to master. For the time being, I'm planning on devoting almost all of my focus to studying, at least until I feel a bit more comfortable with the material. The last six weeks honestly seem like a blur. I quit my job in San Francisco, threw my belongings into a U-HAUL, and moved up to Seattle a couple of days before orientation began. I would be lying to say it was not hectic, but I'm confident I made the right decision in attending Seattle U. I'm looking forward to getting more settled in Seattle in the months ahead and finding my rhythm, whatever that may be.


October came and went! Thankfully, this month was a bit less hectic than September as we're all gradually getting acclimated to the environment that is law school. It does feel like the calm before the storm. Professors are all hinting that studying for finals needs to have already begun! October was a great time to listen about different pathways to take during law school and all the opportunities that are available for students to pursue. Student organizations brought in attorneys from various fields of the law: defense attorneys, prosecutors, intellectual property practitioners, labor and employment attorneys, and many others. It's been amazing to hear how people in disparate fields are making use of their law degree and engaging in exciting, fulfilling work. At least for now, though, it is time to buckle down and hit the books. Time management is your friend in law school and if you don't come to school with that skill, you'll quickly acquire it! Dividing up the hours in your day is essential to not getting overwhelmed by class preparation, memo assignments, and studying for finals. For now, I'm trying to stick to this mentality and focus on crossing off to-do list items day-by-day. The semester is speeding up and I'm sure it will be all over in a flash, so I'm being mindful of my time and making sure to make it count!