Amber Campbell


The winter is finally letting go! As the days continue to grow longer the sun is out more and the temperatures are on the rise. After what has been a very cold, wet winter, the city is coming back to life. One thing I really love about living Seattle is the amount of green spaces within the city. There are flowers blooming everywhere, and the trees are getting their leaves back. It is almost as if the whole place knew students need a little help getting over the first two weeks back from spring break.

The end of March marks the last six weeks of the semester. While that seems like a good amount of time, in law school it feels like finals are happening tomorrow. Everyone is trying to finalize their summer plans, while also starting to prepare themselves for finals. The lift in the weather is certainly helping to take the edge off. It’s hard to believe how quickly my first year is passing.

Currently, I am applying for externships to do during the summer. I have already applied to the Madrid Study Abroad Program, and now I just need to fill up the rest of my time. Luckily, the school offers a lot of help. I recently had a meeting with the externship department and they helped me plan out my options and a few classes I should take to be a strong applicant for future opportunities. Hopefully, soon I’ll have everything all figured out so I can focus solely on my finals.


Did February even happen?! The shortest month really lived up to its title this year. However, it did have one very notable day, my first snow day! For someone that has never experienced real snow, it was magical. Not only were classes cancelled, giving us a long weekend, but walking through lightly falling cotton puffs of snow makes the whole city softer. On campus there is a garden that has two hidden music boxes; there is something beautiful about listening to music in a snow covered garden. Although I could not spend the whole day enjoying the snow, it was a rejuvenating break after a very busy start to the semester.

The biggest difference between this semester and the last is the level of work that the professors expect. They now know that we have enough experience for them to up the difficulty of their assignments. There is a feeling higher stakes in the air. While it is challenging, it is also uplifting to successfully complete each task. I can only imagine what will happen as the semester continues.


The holiday break is over and it’s back to work for everyone. My second semester has hit the ground running. Although, the start of this semester is not terrifying like the first one, it does feel like more is happening right now. There is so much to do with classes, work, and trying to figure out what to do during the summer. There are many options between externships, jobs, and study abroad. It’s hard to figure out what to do because it’s important to make the right decision. The highest thing on my list is the study abroad trip to Madrid. I think it’ll be awesome to take a class taught by an SU professor while living in Madrid for two weeks.

I am pleasantly surprised by the weather still. I was so afraid that winter would be cold, gray, and wet. However, there have been a good number of very sunny days. I spend as many of these days I can outside, exploring. It seems as if I will never get to all the places a want to see and try. The next thing I really want to do is going hiking up one of the closer mountains.

Although three of my classes are continuations of last semester, I am really enjoying them as well as my two new classes. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds.


My first semester of law school is coming to a close! The end of November also marks the end of classes and the beginning of my first finals. The whole school is buzzing with nervous energy as my peers spend hours preparing. The last month has pasted in a blur of outlines and practice questions.

The most surprising part was how quickly everything is going by. I have been in school for over three months and I still feel like I just started. My professors promised my classes that we know more than we feel we do, and hopefully they’re right!

One thing I have learned is that my class is made up of an amazing group of people. I’ve already made friendships that I’m sure will stay with me for many years. I was worried at the beginning of the semester about having too strong of a competitive atmosphere, but it truly does not feel that way. I enjoyed my first classes immensely, and will miss having those professors.


It’s hard to believe that I only moved to Seattle two months ago. Time has moved so quickly since my first day of law school, but I have already learned so much. These pasted two months have been some of the best, and most difficult, times in my life. I moved from my home in sunny Arizona to Seattle, where I knew no one. In the time between then and now, I have found new friends and rediscovered my passion for learning. However, it was hard teaching myself how to study again and leaving all my friends and family behind.

Luckily, starting school and exploring my new city has kept me so busy I hardly had time to notice the days flying by. Seattle is an amazing place, full of strange and wonderful people. My favorite thing to do on Friday and Saturday nights is to fill up my coffee cup and just walk around the city. It’s a great way to get out and feel like you’re apart of everything, without spending money!

Now that the seasons are changing I am looking forward to my first real winter in years! Half of the semester is already over and the countdown to finals has just started. Hopefully, the cold weather won’t slow me down too much!