Access Admission Program

Each year, the law school admits a number of students through its acclaimed Access Admission Program. This program recognizes candidates from historically disadvantaged and under-represented communities. Though their potential for success may not be accurately reflected by traditional indicators such as standardized scores or undergraduate GPAs, Access Admission students have demonstrated grit, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to overcome substantial obstacles.

Candidates' applications must be received in their entirety by February 1, including a valid LSAT or GRE score, undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendation, and all other required application materials. While applications that are incomplete as of February 1 will not be considered for Access Admission, they will be reviewed for admission to the traditional JD program upon completion.

Access Admission students begin their first-year studies in June, enrolling in a full-time, seven week curriculum which includes a first-year law class along with intensive workshops designed to cultivate test-taking and study skills. Following the summer term, the Academic Resource Center offers the students the support and academic skill instruction necessary for them to find success throughout their law school careers and on the bar exam.

Access Admission is highly competitive and enrollment in the program is limited to ten percent of the incoming class. For more information about Access Admission, contact the Office of Admission at (206) 398-4200 or