Transactional Community of Practice

Transactional lawyers provide legal advice on the investment, organizational, tax, regulatory and planning issues most important to businesses and their stakeholders, governments and nonprofits, and individuals and families. They typically draw from a range of legal disciplines, including real estate law, business and commercial law, tax law, estate planning, administrative law, and family law. At the same time, they develop expert skills in drafting, negotiation, and client counseling.

There are a myriad of opportunities for transactional lawyers to engage in deep reflection and ongoing professional formation. Great transactional lawyers endeavor to translate their legal knowledge into commercially and financially sensible advice. They work to develop innovative and effective deal-making solutions. They strive to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with clients that allow them to serve as trusted advisors on major business and investment decisions. And they ponder important questions of professional responsibility and attorney ethics: For instance, to what extent are lawyers responsible for the transactions they facilitate?

Our Transactional Community of Practice explores these and related topics through dynamic and exciting exchanges among students, faculty, and practicing lawyers. We hope you will join us for an exciting year of activities and programming!