Financial Aid

Visiting Students

Visiting students at Seattle University School of Law receive financial aid from their home institution. Our financial aid office completes a consortium agreement sent by the home institution verifying cost of attendance and financial aid responsibilities. Your home school will usually forward your financial aid proceeds to Seattle University School of Law. If you have a refund after your tuition is paid, the refund check will be mailed directly to you. We are happy to follow up on the status of a consortium agreement and help you in this process.  Please make sure to submit a completed consortium agreement.

Seattle University School of Law Students

Seattle U Law students must notify Student Financial Services of their intention to attend the Study Law in Alaska Program. You will receive financial aid (one third of your Stafford loan) if you take a minimum of three credits during a session, presuming you completed the by FAFSA the annual February 15 deadline. If you take less than three credits, you will need to pay for the credits out of your own resources. Please see the Business Office for payment plan information.

Students may research scholarships by going to or Be sure to check the Important Dates section on our Web site because we post information about outside scholarships as we learn about them.

Please contact our office for further information. We want to help you make the Alaskan experience one of your best summers yet!