Alaska Summer Program Students Have to Say

The study in Alaska program was the best way to maximize my summer. I had an amazing experience working in a legal community which was both inviting and active, I gained 4 credits learning an incredibly interesting and multidimensional area of the law, and I had the rare opportunity to discover the beauty of Alaska. Any of these things alone would have been great. Without a doubt, this was the best 1L summer I could have hoped for. For anyone who wants more than the average cubicle internship, I would urge you to consider Alaska.

Yair Inspektor, Seattle University School of Law

I recall a Seattle U poster which described the Summer in Alaska program. On it was a caption, “You will never forget your summer in Alaska.” It is so true. My summer here has definitely been my best experience in law school, and one of the best in my entire life. I think every law student should strongly consider a summer in Alaska for reasons too numerous to mention.

Chris Maryatt, Seattle University School of Law

I had a great time experiencing the midnight sun in Alaska. My experience with the program was special because I was given the opportunity to be immersed in the world of legal issues that are unique to Alaska Natives. I was able to take the law I was learning in class and apply it directly to the work as I was doing at my internship with the Native American Rights Fund.

Craig Hay, Seattle University School of Law

The Alaska Native and Environmental Law course will, no doubt, be one of the most significant courses that I have taken in law school. It was an eye opener regarding the multitude of ways in which indigenous populations have been and are being affected by the environment and the laws that are enacted to regulate how they can interact with that environment.

Dietra Cummings, Loyola University New Orleans' College of Law

This past summer was one of the most memorable I have ever had for a number of different reasons. I made some really great friends that I may never have had an opportunity to speak to, much less have a ton of adventures with. A rundown of the things I did were halibut fishing, whitewater rafting, musk ox farm visiting, midnight baseball game attending, hiking, kayaking, visiting dogsled kennels, camping in Seward and backpacking Denali. The trip to and from Alaska by car was an adventure in itself. From a professional standpoint, working for the judge was pretty invaluable, not to mention having him as a reference and potential source for a letter of recommendation. I was able to work at the FBI in Anchorage, which offered me a whole different sort of experience than the Seattle field office.

Brian Augenthaler, Seattle University School of Law

My Alaska externship has been, without doubt, the single most enjoyable and educational undertaking of my law school career. I wrote and argued, I won two trials, I met judges and attorneys, I hiked and camped, and I watch midnight baseball. Enough said.

Braden Pence, Seattle University School of Law

Over the summer I worked for two Superior Court judges in Anchorage. The experience was invaluable, as I had the rare opportunity to see the inner workings of the Alaska Court system through the perspective of both judges. I observed hearings, conducted research for a bench manual, and wrote an opinion for one of the judges, which she ultimately used to render a decision in a case involving a child support dispute. The Alaska Native and Environmental Law course was also incredibly worthwhile, and is the only course of its kind in the nation. I learned about the history of and issues facing Alaska Natives, and I am now taking Federal Indian Law because of the interest sparked by the course. Topics covered in the environmental law portion included the impacts of climate change and mining on Alaska and the rest of the nation, as well as the impacts of oil drilling on Alaska's economy and environment. I couldn't have gotten this curriculum anywhere else, and it has directly impacted my course of study here at Seattle U. All in all, the Alaska program was great and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about participating in the program.

Virginia Gomez, Seattle University School of Law

Seattle University’s Study Law In Alaska Program is definitely the best way I could have spent the summer after my first year in law school. My internship at the Municipality provided me with great legal experience and professional contacts and the Alaskan Environmental Law course was a unique opportunity to learn about important current issues in environmental law in Alaska. Most importantly, Alaska was an amazing place to spend the summer. Everyone in Alaska is friendly and the hiking and backpacking opportunities are limitless. Seeing moose, glaciers, and mountains all around were some of the many highlights of my time in Alaska.

Heidi Vonblum, University of San Diego School of Law

When approaching the summer of my 1L year, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to take classes, get a legal job, or travel. I was delighted when, upon hearing about the summer in Alaska program, I realized that I could do all three! To say Alaska is a beautiful place with friendly people would be a drastic understatement. Going to Alaska was a wonderful decision and I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime!