Alaska 3L Program


Do you dream of living and working in Alaska after you graduate? Join us at the state's only 3L Program to launch your legal career. The program offers you a chance to spend one semester or your entire 3L year learning from experts at our Alaska Law Campus. With our Alaska 3L program, you'll get:

  • Extensive work experience at one of over 40 internship or externship sites
  • An opportunity to tailor your law school experience through an Alaska-specific curriculum
  • A chance to build your network in a small legal community
  • Personalized career counseling to help you plan your future 

Students from Seattle University School of Law or another accredited law school are welcome to apply.  Apply now or contact Holly Johanknecht for more information.

What is the third-year curriculum?

Through an elective based and Alaska-focused curriculum and externships, you can choose to spend one semester or complete your entire third year of law school in Anchorage.  

Courses vary year to year but have included courses like:

  • Alaska Criminal Justice: Past, Present, and Future 
  • Environmental Justice and Policy  
  • Government Contracts, SBA Programs, and Alaska Native Corporations 
  • Practical Matters and Legal Issues in Advising Start-up Companies  

Visit the curriculum pages and faculty bios for more information. 

Will I get involved with Alaska's legal community?

Yes! The Alaska Law Campus builds upon the strong and longstanding Alaska Summer Program and continues the strong partnerships between Seattle University School of Law and Alaska’s legal community. You will have the opportunity to choose from both internships and externships with a variety of Alaskan legal services organizations, law firms, and government agencies. Nearly 200 graduates of Seattle University School of Law live and work in Alaska, including current Gov. Bill Walker '83, and former Gov. Sean Parnell ’87. Many of our alumni stay connected with the Alaska Program and are eager to both mentor and employ students.

What if I am from Alaska and want to go to law school?

Alaskan students are invited to apply for admission to the law school. You would spend the first two years at our Seattle campus, but would be home in Alaska for the summers and your third year. Scholarships are available to Alaskans and those applicants will be considered when they apply to the School of Law. For more information on applying, please visit our Office of Admissions for further details.

Where is the satellite campus?

The Alaska Law Campus is located in Grant Hall at Alaska Pacific University. Housing is available on campus for interested program participants.

Where can I learn more?

The faculty director, Christian M. Halliburton, teaches courses in Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, and Law and Religion. Holly Johanknecht is the Assistant Director at the Alaska Law Campus.  Both Professor Halliburton and Holly are committed to furthering legal education in Alaska and providing opportunities for Alaskans.  They are happy to talk with interested students.                                                                                                              

Apply now to our Alaska 3L Program.