Communities of Practice

What do lawyers do? The possibilities are endless, as evidenced by the diverse careers of Seattle University School of Law alumni. But while there is tremendous variety, there is also a key unifying theme: lawyers are called upon to serve. For this reason, we've organized our signature Communities of Practice to reflect the nature of legal practice as defined by the type of legal service

Whatever your dreams may be, our signature Communities of Practice can help you to discern your professional identity and better integrate your legal education into your whole person. Program participation is voluntary, and students may participate in one or more of four Communities of Practice: Litigation, Transactional, Government & Nonprofit, and Solo & Small Firm. These are deliberately broad tracks. Through our Communities of Practice, we strive to create learning environments that promote trust and collaboration and bring people together. Our Communities of Practice are networks of legal professionals that enable our students to interact with a rich cross-section of present and future colleagues so that they may develop into attorneys who are leaders who will make a difference for their clients and their communities.

We hope that these exchanges will provide opportunities for you to engage in continual professional formation, focus your interests and/or supplement your curriculum with one or more of our Focus Areas, and determine not only whom you want to serve, but also how you want to serve. In this way, the Communities of Practice help us to achieve our mission of preparing great lawyers who are committed to a lifetime of service.