Health law involves everything from the doctor-patient relationship, the structure and regulation of providers, the determination of liability for injuries, and the intellectual property and bioethical issues surrounding the development of new treatments. This is one of the most dynamic fields in modern legal and business practice.

Faculty who teach in this area

Foundational courses

  • Health Law I (3 cr)
  • Medical Liability (3 cr)

Another essential course

  • Administrative Law (3 cr)

Experiential learning courses in this field

  • Administrative Law Clinic (4 cr)
  • Estate and Disability Planning Clinic (4 cr)

Other courses related to the subject

  • Bioethics and the Law (2 cr)
  • Disability Law (3 cr)
  • Elder Law (3 cr)
  • Insurance Law (2 cr)
  • Products Liability (3 cr)
  • Public Benefits Law (3 cr)
  • Regulation of Health Care Quality (3 cr)
  • Taxation of Charitable (Non-profit) Organizations (2 cr)