Practitioners often treat these three subjects as distinct, yet closely interrelated. The courses in this area introduce students to the statutory and administrative regimes governing issues related to the development and exploitation of natural resources, the protection of the environment, and the policies around land use. They challenge students to develop critical perspectives on the complex policy issues governments, communities, citizens, and the lawyers who work for them face.

Faculty who teach in this area

Core courses in the field

  • Administrative Law (3 cr)
  • Environmental Law Fundamentals (3 cr)
  • Land Use Regulation (3 cr)

Valuable courses in this field

  • Alaska Natives and Environmental Law (4 cr)
  • Climate Change (3 cr)
  • Energy Law and Policy (2 cr)
  • Environmental Enforcement (2 cr)
  • Indian Law & Natural Resources (3 cr)
  • International Environmental Law (3 cr)
  • Municipal Law (3 cr)
  • Natural Resources Law (3 cr)
  • Remedies (3 cr)
  • Water Law (3 cr)