Who can benefit?

The Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship track

The Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship track will feature courses in data privacy, cybersecurity, and digital commerce. This track will benefit students interested in acquiring the legal knowledge needed to work as a compliance officer, manager, or leader within a corporation, hospital, governmental, or other organization as a chief security/privacy officer, a technical manager, security/privacy manager, consultant, policy maker, or in financial technology. Additionally, courses in intellectual property will appeal to professionals and graduate students whose education and training in intellectual property will enhance their careers in related fields such as engineering, entrepreneurship, publishing, and public policy. For example, professionals involved in regulatory work would benefit from an understanding of how the legal system works; a business person would benefit from an understanding of corporate law; a technology manager would benefit from an understanding of intellectual property. Students in the program may already be working or aspiring to work at the intersection of law and technology by drafting or advising on company or organizational policy, drafting or advising on key legislation, producing publications, speaking on pivotal developments, or developing policy.

The Health Law track

The Health Law track will educate students seeking expertise in navigating the field of health care law, regulation, and policy. Health care continues to play a growing role in the national economy. In Seattle, the industry reaches beyond patient services to biotechnology research and development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device and instrument manufacturing, management of health care institutions, healthcare insurers, professional associations, and government agencies. Students in this MLS track can choose from among such areas as: the law of bioethics, biotechnology, compliance, data privacy and security, infectious disease control, medical fraud, medical and product liability, mental health, public policy, health care decision-making, and access to health care coverage (Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and the Affordable Care Act).

The General Studies track

The General Studies track is specifically tailored to the individual student’s area of interest depending on the student’s professional goals and learning objectives. Examples of professional or academic areas students may wish to focus their studies include environmental law, health law, labor and employment, intellectual property, and many more.


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