Fall 2021 Class Assignments

Class assignments are listed alphabetically by course name. All will be posted as received. If you do not see the assignments you are looking for, check TWEN, CANVAS, your professor's personal homepage or return to this web page to check again later.


First Assignments

Criminal Law (CRIM-100-1)
Professor Russo

Read the following:

  1. Criminal Law, Chapter 1; pg. 3-23
  2. How to Prepare for Criminal Law Class” (posted here and on Canvas)

Prepare the following questions for discussion:

  1. Identify the elements in the following statutes:

    RCW 9A.48.030: Arson in the second degree.

    A person is guilty of arson in the second degree if he or she knowingly and maliciously causes a fire or explosion which damages a building, or any structure or erection appurtenant to or joining any building….

    Model Penal Code (MPC) Section 212.1: Kidnapping.

    A person is guilty of kidnapping if he unlawfully removes another from his place of residence or business, or a substantial distance from the vicinity where he is found, or if he unlawfully confines another for a substantial period in a place of isolation, with any of the following purposes:(a) to hold for ransom or reward, or as a shield or hostage; or(b) to facilitate commission of any felony or flight thereafter; or(c) to inflict bodily injury on or to terrorize the victim or another; or(d) to interfere with the performance of any governmental or political function.

  2. “Problem Case”, pg. 19: Did the jury in the O.J. Simpson murder trial engage in jury nullification? Were they invited to do so by the defense? For those who have never heard of O.J. Simpson or his infamous murder trial, here's a link to a quick summary from Prof. Douglas Linder of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law [WARNING: The language used by one of the LAPD detectives in this trial included vile racist references]. Pay particular attention to the excerpt of the closing argument of Simpson’s lead attorney, Johnny Cochran: https://famous-trials.com/simpson/1862-home


Criminal Procedure: Investigative (CRIM-305-A)
Professors Mazzone and High

Please read the syllabus, Brown v Mississippi, Powell v Alabama, and Rochin v California.