Fall 2017 Class Assignments

Class assignments are listed alphabetically by course name. All will be posted as received. If you do not see the assignments you are looking for, check TWEN, CANVAS, your professor's personal homepage or return to this web page to check again later.


First-Year Classes

Civil Procedure 100 A (CIVL 100-A)

Professor Coleman

Required Text: Stempel, Baicker-McKee, Coleman, Herr, & Kaufman, Learning Civil Procedure (2d. Edition West 2015).

First Assignment:

  • For our first class meeting on Tuesday, August 22, please read Learning Civil Procedure pp. xxxv-xl; Comprehensive Study Guide pp. 1-3, 11-15, and 32-34 (posted on TWEN); Walker v. City of Birmingham (posted on TWEN); and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Table of Contents.

A TWEN site for this course has been established, and you should register for it using your Westlaw password. I have posted the syllabus for this class, and you should read it before attending the first day.

Civil Procedure 100 B (CIVL 100-B)

Professor Shapiro

First Week Assignment: Please see attached.

Civil Procedure 100 C (CIVL 100-C)

Professor Chon

Required Text: Glannon, Perlman and Raven-Hansen, Civil Procedure: A Coursebook (3d ed. 2017).

Please sign up on TWEN to the Civil Procedure Section C Class website. Your syllabus will be posted before class.

First Assignment:

  • Chapters 1-2 (pp. 3-38).
  • Chapter 6 (pp. 147-64).

Contracts A (CONT-100-A)

Professor DeLong

Required Text: DeLong's An Introduction to Contracts: The Law of Transactions Part 1 and Part 2.

  • Register for this course on TWEN when you receive your WestLaw password at ORIENTATION. Purchase all required texts listed in the Seattle University bookstore. Your first assignments are in DeLong's bundled AN INTRODUCTION TO CONTRACTS: THE LAW OF TRANSACTIONS PART 1 AND PART 2, one of your required books which you must purchase from the SU Bookstore. Read the Introduction and Unit 1 for Monday, Unit 2 is due on Wednesday.

Contracts B (CONT-100-B)

Professor Chinen

Required Text: DeLong's An Introduction to Contracts: The Law of Transactions Part 1 and Part 2.

  • Register for this course on TWEN when you receive your WestLaw password at ORIENTATION. Purchase all required texts listed in the Seattle University bookstore. Your first assignments are in DeLong's bundled AN INTRODUCTION TO CONTRACTS: THE LAW OF TRANSACTIONS PART 1 AND PART 2, one of your required books which you must purchase from the SU Bookstore. Read the Introduction and Unit 1 for Monday, Unit 2 is due on Wednesday.

Contracts C (CONT-100-C)

Professor Mahmud

First Class Assignment:

  • Pages 1-13 of the casebook.

Contracts 100 E (CONT 100-E)

Professor Chang

Assignments – First Four Weeks

Unless otherwise noted, reading assignments are from Knapp, Crystal & Prince, Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials (8th ed. 2016).

  1. Wednesday, Aug. 23, pp. 1-17; 29-41. Pp. 1-17 are for background. Our discussion in class will focus on pp. 29-41.
  2. Thursday, Aug. 24, pp. 41-51; Problem Set 1, #1-10; 17-19.
  3. Wednesday, August 30, Outlining Handout; pp. 51-60.
  4. Thursday, August 31, Problem Set 1, #11-16; 20-21; in class practice exam, open book/notes.
  5. Wednesday, Sept. 6, Discuss practice exam; pp. 61-66.
  6. Thursday, Sept. 7, pp. 66-83.
  7. Wednesday, Sept. 13, pp. 98-113.
  8. Thursday, Sept. 14, pp. 113-27.

Criminal Law (CRIM-100-1)

Professor Ahrens

First Assignment

  • Please read pages 1-29 of the Dressler textbook. Please also draft an instruction which you would offer to explain to a jury explaining the concept of "beyond a reasonable doubt" and come to class prepared to present your particular instruction. You will not be graded or otherwise evaluated on your instruction, but please email a copy of it to me (ahrensd@seattleu.edu) prior to class. Please do not do any outside research in order to draft your instruction or otherwise worry about somehow getting the instruction "right" -- we are going to use your instructions as a jumping-off point for discussing the burden of proof in criminal cases and the functions of lawyers, judges, and juries.

Criminal Law (CRIM-100-2)

Professor Roberts

First Assignment: Please access our course page here.

  • Please read the “Course information links,” and the information relating to Modules 1 & 2. On the site, you’ll be able to find details of our casebook, as well as the reading and other assignments for our first classes. Please make sure that you get the book and do the reading before our first class, and please reach out to Anna Roberts at robertan@seattleu.edu if you have any questions about the course or your first assignments.

Legal Writing Skills, and Values 100 B1 and B2 (WRIT-100-B1 and B2)

Professor Dickson

First Week Reading Assignment:

Before class, read Chapter 1 in The Legal Writing Handbook, Sixth Edition, and "Are we Hearing What They're Saying? Active Listening Skills for Lawyers," Ruth Ann McKinney, posted on TWEN.

Legal Writing, Skills, and Values 100 C2 (WRIT 100-C2)

Professor Bowman

First Week Reading Assignment

For class on Wednesday, August 23, please read Chapter 1 in The Legal Writing Handbook, Sixth Edition and Chapter 2 from Essential Lawyering Skills (attached)(TBD). For class on Friday, August 25, please read Chapter 4 in The Legal Writing Handbook, Sixth Edition and the Sample Entrapment Memo (attached).

Legal Writing, Skills, and Values 100 E (WRIT 100-E)

Professor Samuel

First Week Reading Assignment

  • Monday, August 21: The Legal Writing Handbook, Chapters 1 & 2.
  • Wednesday, August 23: The Legal Writing Handbook, Chapters 3 & 5.

Torts 100 A(TORT-100-A)

Professor Ainsworth

Required Text: Henderson, Pearson, et al, The Torts Process, ninth edition.

  • Read the introductory pages and the first case, Vosburg v. Putney.

Torts B (TORT-100-B)

Professor Mahmud

First Class Assignment:

  • Pages 1-4 of the casebook.

Torts (TORT-100-C)

Professor Kass

Required Text:
Schwartz, Kelly and Partlett, PROSSER, WADE AND SCHWARTZ’S TORTS, Foundation Press, 2015 (13th Edition).
Diamond, Levine & Madden, UNDERSTANDING TORTS, Lexis Publishing/Matthew Bender, 2013 (5th Edition).
Glannon, THE LAW OF TORTS: EXAMPLES & EXPLANATIONS, Aspen, 2015 (5th Edition).

  • Prosser Casebook: pp.1-2; 17-20
  • Diamond Treatise: §1.01 [A]-[C] & [E]-[F]

Upper-Level Classes

Administrative Law 300 A (ADMN-300-A)

Professor Kirkwood

First Week Reading Assignment:

Please register for this course on TWEN. As background for the first class, please read pages 1-15 in the casebook.

Advanced Legal Research 350 (LRES-350)

Professor Fitz-Gerald

This course is offered on the Blackboard platform, available through LexisNexis for Law Schools. You should have received an email with instructions on how to add the course. If not, please contact Prof. Fitz-Gerald. The course website includes the two assignments that you must complete prior to the start of class on Monday.

Antitrust Law 300 A (ANTI-300-A)

Professor Kirkwood

First Assignment:

  • Register for this class on WestLaw’s TWEN. As background for the first two classes, read pages 1-35 of the casebook and Appendix B.

Business Entities A (BUSN-300-A)

Professor Powell

Required Text: Business Entities: Cases and Materials (3rd Ed.) by Professor Eric Chiappinelli.

  • Register for this course on WestLaw's TWEN. Read Chapters 1 and 2 in Chiappinelli's Business Entities: Cases and Materials.

Constitutional Law I A (CNLW-200-A)

Professor Skover

  • Go to Professor Skover's web page here.
  • Select the Current Courses (on your left).
  • Select Constitutional Law I. Read and follow everything there in anticipation of your first class. The Syllabus is linked.

Constitutional Law I B and C (CNLW-200-B and C)

Professor Siegel

Assignment Class #1: An Introduction to the Constitution and Constitutional Argument.

  • Casebook pp. xli-lvii (the Constitution)
  • Reader—pp. 4-12 (Bobbit)
  • Casebook pp. 11-32

Assignment Class #2: Judicial Review (and Judicial Supremacy).

  • casebook pp.1-11 (Marbury and related materials)
  • reader pp. 244-265

Consumer Law A (COMM 310-A)

Professor Selis

Welcome to Consumer Law. Please register for this class on TWEN with your WestLaw’s password. The casebook we will be using for our class is Consumer Law Cases and Materials 4th ed. by Spanogle, Rohner, Pridgen, Sovern and Peterson. We will also be using the supplement to the casebook, Selected Consumer Statutes, 2015 ed., by Spanogle, Sovern and Peterson.

Note, there will be no classes held on August 21 and 23. Classes will commence on Monday, August 28. The first class is scheduled from 1:00 to 2:30. Our second class will be held on Wednesday, August 30 and will meet from 12:30-2:20. All subsequent classes will meet as regularly scheduled, from 1:30 to 2:20.

The first day’s assignment is as follows (use links to navigate to articles):

Criminal Procedure Investigative 305 (CRIM-305)

Professor Ahrens

First Day Reading Assignment:

Please join the TWEN site established for this course. Under the Syllabus tab, you will find both the syllabus for the course (which you should review) and the assignment for the first day of class.

Individual Income Taxation 300 E (TAXL-300-E)

Professor Eason

A TWEN site has been created for this course and should appear under Professor Eason’s name. You should sign-up for/add this TWEN site to your courses – this is very important, as most future communications will occur exclusively in class or via the TWEN site. A complete semester syllabus will be posted next week. In the interim, the information below should prove helpful.

Required Course Materials:

  • Miller & Maine, The Fundamentals of Federal Taxation (4th ed.).
  • Federal Income Tax: Code & Regulations—Selected Sections (Dickinson/CCH, 2017-18).

Assignments for First Week:

  1. Tuesday, August 22:
    • Topics: Introduction, Background, Policies, Sources of Authority.
    • Readings: Ch. 1 You need only skim those code sections referenced in Problem 1, as necessary to appreciate the questions set forth in the problem.
  2. Thursday, August 24:
    • Topics: Taxpayer Rates & Classification; Tax Credits. These chapters address important concepts that underlie how taxes are calculated. These chapters are best dispensed with early in the course and (IMHO) are about as dry and technical as they come, so please don’t let that dissuade you.
    • Readings: Ch. 14 Code & Regs per text Pt. I “Assignment” at the beginning of chapter. Ch. 15 Problem #1 only – skip Problem #2; You need only read IRC §25 as set forth in “Assignment;” briefly skim §21.

Latinos and the Law (JURS-380-A)

Professor Bender

Tuesday August 22:

  • Overview of Latina/o Stereotypes and Mistreatment of Latina/os in U.S. Law (A Class Apart video showing) read Hernandez v. Texas, 347 U.S. 475 (1954).

Poverty Law (POVL-300-A)

Professor Spade

Required before first meeting:

  • Paul Kivel, “Social Service or Social Change?” in The Revolution Will Not Be Funded (ed. INCITE!).
  • Joan Olsson, “Detour-Spotting for White Anti-Racists.” (pdf on TWEN)
  • C Conor Friedersdorf, “Ferguson’s Conspiracy Against Black Citizens: How the city's leadership harassed and brutalized their way to multiple civil-rights violations,” The Atlantic, March 5, 2015. Available here


  • Cheryl Harris, “Whiteness as Property,” in Critical Race Studies: The Key Writings that Formed the Movement, (eds. Crenshaw et al.) (1996) (pdf on TWEN).
  • Andrea Smith, “Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy: Rethinking Women of Color Organizing,” in Color of Violence (ed. Incite!) (2006) (pdf on TWEN).

Real Estate Transactions (PROP-300-A)

Professor Bender

Class 1, Tuesday August 22:

  • Introduction: The Nature of Modern Real Estate Transactions pages 1-13.

Class 2, Thursday August 24:

  • Overview of Lawyer’s Role in Real Estate Conveyancing and Broker Competition 17- 37; Douglas v. Visser, 295 P.3d 800 (Wash. App. 2013).

Trusts, Estates and Enhanced Analytical Skills 250 A (ESTA 250 A)

Professor Minneti

First Assignment:

  • Please access the Canvas page for Trusts and Estates and Enhanced Analytic Skills (ESTA 250 A). There, you will find the course syllabus, first week’s reading assignment, and the first week’s practice exercises.

UCC Secured Transactions (COMM-355-E)

Professor Bender

Tuesday August 22:

  • Introduction to Article 9 and Secured Credit 1-13.

Thursday August 24:

  • Attachment and Perfection of Security Interest: Overview 13-29 (UCC 9-203).