Commercial Law

Commercial Law encompasses a range of topics, including commercial finance, merchandising, trade, and sales transactions, and business bankruptcy and financial restructuring. The Commercial Law curriculum addresses these topics through courses focused on sales of goods, granting security interests in personal property, providing for payment of obligations, and restructuring obligations within or outside of bankruptcy.

Faculty Who Teach In This Area

  • Steven Bender
  • Sid DeLong
  • Diane Lourdes Dick

Foundational Courses For Students Interested In Business Or Corporate Law

  • Bankruptcy (3 cr)
  • UCC Sales (3 cr)
  • UCC Secured Transactions (3 cr)

Valuable Courses For Students Interested In This Field

  • Cyberlaw and Digital Commerce (3 cr)
  • Financial Institutions Law (2 Cr)
  • Introduction to Financial Technology (2 cr)
  • Real Estate Transactions (3 cr)

Experiential Learning Courses In This Field1

  • Consumer Advocacy Clinic (4 cr)
  • Contract Drafting (2 cr)
  • Community Development & Entrepreneurship Clinic (4 cr)
  • Negotiations (3 cr)
  • Transactional Practice: Making the Deal (3 cr)

Other Courses Of Interest

  • Conflict of Laws (2 cr)
  • Cybersecurity and Data Breach (2 cr)
  • Entrepreneurship Immersion (3 cr)
  • Law, Technology and Ethics in the Age of Business Innovation (2 cr)

1As in all areas, students interested in experiential opportunities should consult with the faculty in the Externship Program about placements that align with their interests.