Business and Corporate Law

Business law is a vast field, including corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, finance, licensing, securities regulation, taxation, contract negotiation and drafting, bankruptcy, intellectual property and employment law. Students begin in this area with Business Entities, the foundational course, and then can pursue whatever paths interest them.

Faculty Who Teach in this Area

  • Mark Chinen
  • Diane Lourdes
  • Dick Jack Kirkwood
  • Charles O’Kelley
  • Russell Powell

Foundational Course For Students Interested In Business Or Corporate Law

  • Business Entities (4 cr)

Very Important Courses

  • Corporate Tax (2 cr)
  • Taxation of LLCs and Partnerships (2 cr)
  • N.B.: Individual Income Tax (4 cr) is a prerequisite for either of the business tax courses

Valuable Courses For Students Interested In This Field

  • Antitrust (3 cr)
  • Bankruptcy (3 cr)
  • Corporate Finance (3 cr)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (2 cr)
  • Securities Regulation (3 cr)

Experiential Learning Courses In This Field1

  • Business Law Drafting Lab (2 cr)
  • Contract Drafting (2 cr)
  • Community Development & Entrepreneurship Clinic (4 cr)
  • Corporate Law Appellate Litigation (3 cr)
  • Federal Tax Clinic (4 cr)
  • Negotiations (3 cr)
  • Transactional Practice: Making the Deal (3 cr)

Other Courses Of Interest

  • The Business of Intellectual Property (3 cr)
  • Cybersecurity and Data Breach (2 cr)
  • Employment Law (3 cr)
  • Employment Discrimination (3 cr)
  • Entrepreneurship Immersion (3 cr)
  • Financial Institutions Law (2 Cr)
  • Introduction to Financial Technology (2 cr)
  • Law, Technology and Ethics in the Age of Business Innovation(2 cr)
  • Managing Privacy Risks (2 cr)
  • Taxation of Charitable (Non-Profit) Organizations (2 cr)

1As in all areas, students interested in experiential opportunities should consult with the faculty in the Externship Program about placements that align with their interests.