Summer 2017 Class Assignments

Class assignments are listed alphabetically by course name. All will be posted as received. If you do not see the assignments you are looking for, check TWEN, your professor's personal homepage or return to this web page to check again later.


Criminal Law A (CRIM-100-A)

Professor Roberts

Our course book is "Criminal law & Its Processes: Cases and Materials," by Kadish, Schulhofer, Steiker, and Barkow. It’s the 9th edition (2012), not the recent 10th edition. Please get hold of it in good time in order to have the reading done. If you’re having any trouble doing so, please reach out right away.

For June 19

  • Please read pp. 1 – 12 (stop at end of Part B); p.13; pp. 31-33 (stop before NOTES); p. 34 (note 4.) – 41 (stop before “Notes and Questions”)
  • As you read the introductory material (pp. 1-13), please keep a note of anything that seems puzzling, questionable, intriguing, and/or incomplete.
  • What legal rule does the Court establish in Winship (p. 31)? What about in Patterson (p. 37)?
  • What legal rule would the dissenting Justices in Patterson prefer?

Please feel comfortable reaching out with any questions:

Criminal Law E (CRIM-100-E)

Professor Jancy Hoeffel

Required Text: Dressler & Garvey, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law (7th ed. 2016).
Recommended Text: Dressler, Understanding Criminal Law (Lexis/Nexis 7th ed. 2015).

For June 19

  • Please read 31-35; 38-44, 46-49; 52-54; 54-63 (through note 5) in Dressler & Garvey