Current Members

Board membership is selected on the basis of superior leadership, organizational skills, and Moot Court participation. Membership is limited to 45 members with a minimum of five students from each of the three law school classes.

Executive Board

Anna Marquez, 3L Chair
Brian Ernst, 3L Vice Chair
Sophia Meglioli, 3L In-House Competition Chair
Yejin Kim 2L National Competition Co-Chair
Alyssa Harris 2L National Competition Co-Chair
Jennifer Sidney 3L Executive Treasurer
 Megan Rourke 3L Executive Secretary

General Membership

  • Akua Asare-Konadu 3L
    Emily Beale 3L
    Todd Brannon 2L
    Cody Cameron 2L
    Carey Campbell 3L
    Karly Clendenen 3L
    Katherine Culbertson 2L
    Michael Garza 1L
    Christopher Egwuatu 2L
    Kia Hellrigel 3L
    Devon Hogan 1L
    Blake Hoonan 2L
    Efrain Hudnell 3L
  • Christine Kettel 2L
    Sungeun Julie Kim 3L
    Will Kitchell 1L
  • Hannah Lasting 2L

  • Caitlyn Matthews 1L
    Amanda Mayberry 2L
    Rachel Musselmann 1L
    Crystal Nelson 1L
    Peggy Rodriguez 2L
    Michael Rogers 2L
    Jessy Romero 2L
    Jaclyn Sakamoto 1L
    Nassor Salum 3L
  • William Serrano 3L
    Amrit Sharma 1L
  • Tim Shen 1L
  • Tommy Sletten 1L
    Katrina Villanueva 3L
    Erika Vranizan 3L
  • Frederick Vranizan 3L
    Emma Wright 3L

Board Member Selection Process

Our members are selected on the basis of superior leadership, organizational skills, and demonstrated interest in our events. The Moot Court Board conducts new member recruitment each fall and spring. A student may apply during their first three semesters at law school.

The selection process involves completing an application (forthcoming) and, if selected, an interview.

For more information, please see our bylaws or e-mail our Vice Chair.