Bar Studies Students Say

Comments from recent students:

"Thank you so much for this class. I started bar review this week and had I not taken your class I would be 'off the Space Needle.' Your organization and concise explanations are and will be a big help to me."

"Once again, you go above and beyond. I am grateful for the time you spend critiquing my writing. I know it will prove to be invaluable during bar review."

"The timed essay writing was very helpful. It gave me a glimpse into what really taking the bar would feel like."

"I told someone every week how glad I was to have taken the class. I learn something new every week and my writing has improved immensely."

"The peer reviews were helpful in two ways. First, it was nice to have a second set of eyes look at and review my work. Next, it forced me to really think in order to provide quality feedback to my peers."

"I found the course and the text very encouraging and they both gave me practical strategies for studying and writing."

"This course should be required for every student! Now I feel comfortable and confident about what needs to be done for the bar exam."