Supplemental Bar Program

The Supplemental Bar Program is a program offered at no cost to Seattle U law graduates and interested LLM students that will run concurrently with the winter or summer bar review programs.

The Bar Studies department designed the Supplemental Bar program to complement students’ commercial bar review courses and to take advantage of the substantive coverage of these courses. The Supplemental Bar program is not designed to replicate any of the work that graduates complete during their commercial bar review course.

During the Supplemental Bar program, students will receive individual coaching and feedback throughout the two-month study period. The main goal of the Supplemental Bar program is to provide assistance in a more individualized manner that traditional commercial bar review courses generally cannot provide.

Other goals and objectives of the program are the following:

  • Help students stay on track with their commercial bar review courses;
  • Provide a structured study space to help students identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • Provide a support system to help students stay motivated and positive; and
  • Provide a positive place for students to gain skills and confidence.

The Supplemental Bar Program has several components. They include:

  • Structured MBE, MPT, and MEE practice;
  • Individualized instructions and feedback;
  • Substantive review of heavily tested topics; and
  • Simulated Bar Exams

Again, the Supplemental Bar program is provided at no charge to Seattle U law graduates. The program demonstrates the Seattle University School of Law long-term commitment to the students and to their success in the profession.