Bar Exam Strategies & Skills Class

The Bar Exam Strategies and Skills class is a 3-credit course offered every semester. The class is designed to jumpstart students’ preparation for taking the bar exam.

The class focuses on building the analytical, writing, and organizational skills necessary to enhance the ability of students to prepare for the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). Students will become thoroughly familiar with the format and components of the bar exam, will review substantive areas of law covered on the UBE, and will enhance their critical thinking and analytical writing skills. This course provides students with intensive hands-on studying and writing practice, peer evaluation, and individual written feedback. Multistate Bar Exam practice test questions as well as Multistate Essay Examination questions are administered with strategy sessions to aid in the successful completion of both portions of the bar exam. Multistate Performance Test (MPT) strategies and writing techniques are reviewed along with the completion of one MPT. Memorization and outlining skills, time management strategies, and stress management techniques will also be taught.

Unlike typical law school classes, this class provides frequent feedback and grading throughout the semester. This class requires, among other types of graded exercises, homework, in-class assignments, a midterm, and a final exam.

The Bar Strategies and Skills class, while designed to assist students with their bar examination preparation, should not be considered a substitute for a comprehensive commercial bar review course. The main objective of this class is to provide students with early exposure to the materials and strategies that will be emphasized in their commercial bar review course.