ARC Professorship Fund in Honor of Professor Boerner

Professor David BoernerProfessor Boerner has enriched the lives of countless students during his distinguished tenure at SU Law, as associate dean and as a professor of Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Professional Responsibility, and Sentencing. Among his many contributions, perhaps the greatest was his vision and stewardship of the ARC program. Through his teaching in ARC, he has transformed the lives of students and the profession. ARC alums are changing the face of the profession and carry on his commitment to work in the service of justice.

Professor Dave Boerner retired from full-time teaching at Seattle University School of Law in 2009; however, he still teaches in the ARC summer program. To honor Professor Boerner, and to continue his legacy, ARC alums started a fund to create an ARC Professorship. Two options are available for giving to ARC: one is to give all of your gift to ARC; the other option is to kindly show your support for the goals of the institution as a whole and split your gift 75% ARC and 25% annual fund. Thank you for your support.

Make your gift to the Professorship Fund online