Boerner Lustbader Access Admission Bar Success Scholarship


The Boerner Lustbader Access Admission Scholarship Endowed Fund, named for program founders Professors Emeriti Paula Lustbader and David Boerner, will be awarded to Seattle University School of Law graduating students who entered law school through the Access Admission Program. The Scholarship will be awarded following both Winter and Spring graduations (December and May).

Selection Committee

A selection committee will review all scholarship applications and select recipients with applicant input from the Director of Bar Studies.

Scholarship Application Instructions

During their last semester of law school, students who entered the School of Law through the Access Admission program will receive an email, inviting them to complete a Scholarship Application. The Scholarship Application will include the following elements: (1) Bar Exam Study Plan; (2) Financial Readiness Assessment; (3) Personal Statement; (4) Resume; and (5) Law School Transcript.

  • Bar Exam Study Plan: Please complete the Study Plan using the link to the Google form application provided in the email and submit it for the Selection Committee's review. 
  • Financial Readiness Assessment: Please attach a completed Financial Readiness Assessment form in response to Section 3 of the Google form application. 
  • Personal Statement: Please attach a Personal Statement explaining the three most significant challenges the candidate faces in preparing for the bar exam and steps you have taken to address the challenges. 
  • Resume: The candidate's resume should include the candidate's accomplishments throughout law school. 
  • Law School Transcript: The Law School Transcript should, at a minimum, include bar-tested courses that the candidate has enrolled in and your grades in the courses. 

Scholarship Awards

Recipients will be chosen based upon significant financial challenges they are facing during the bar preparation period and life circumstances that put them at risk of not passing the bar exam on their first attempt.