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Seattle University Branding Guide

Everyone associated with Seattle University School of Law is an identity ambassador. When we represent the law school in our communications, we have an opportunity to reinforce our brand with clarity and consistency. Please join us in this effort by using the official materials below.

Spirit Mark

The Seattle University School of Law spirit mark should be used for all publications and documents.


The School of Law tagline should be used on materials and publications.

Tagline Black Downloads

Tagline Black Downloads

Tagline Red Downloads

Tagline Red Downloads


Templates are available for everything from PowerPoints to business cards. Please be sure to check back for new and updated templates and tools, which will be posted as they become available.

PowerPoint Presentations

Below you will find different types of presentations in 4:3 formats.

Wordmark 4:3 - Black Bar

Wordmark 4:3 - Black Bar

Wordmark 4:3 - Triangle

Wordmark 4:3 - Triangle

Wordmark 4:3 - Background

Wordmark 4:3 - Background


All Word templates are available by contacting Tricia Caparas.

Business Cards

Fill out the Business Card Request Form to have them ordered. Send the form to Charlotte Anderson.


Email Signature

To maintain consistent branding standards across all forms of communication at the School of Law, it is recommended that faculty and staff use the following email signature.

Your Name Here (pronouns)
Title First Line Goes Here
Title Second Line Goes Here
Office: (123) 456-7890 | Mobile: (123) 456-7890 |


Your Name (Calibri/Arial Bold 12, Color: Black)  Pronouns (Calibri/Arial Regular 12)
Title First Line (Calibri/Arial Regular 11, Color: Black)
Title Second Line (Calibri/Arial Regular 11, Color: Black)
Seattle University School of Law  (Calibri/Arial Bold 10 All Caps, Color: Red - RGB: 170, 0, 0)
Phone and/or other optional contact  (Calibri/Arial Regular 10, Color: Black)  |  website link (Calibri/Arial Regular 10, Color: Red - RGB: 170, 0, 0 or Outlook Default Blue) 

// Tagline (Bar: Red - RGB: 170, 0, 0, Text: Calibri/Arial Bold 11 All Caps, Color: Red - RGB: 170, 0, 0, )


Be sure to double-check font sizes if copying and pasting this example into Outlook. The appearance of font size may vary slightly, depending on e-mail software. Adjust the font size if it appears too small or too large on your system.

We recommend not including images in email signatures. The use of images in emails can present problems such as increasing the size of email in-boxes, showing up as message attachments, and being blocked. That being said, it's your call to include it or not.

The recommended font is Calibri or Arial. No other logos or graphics should be used in the email signature.