Our Building

Sullivan Hall is an award-winning facility with state-of-the-art technology throughout its library, classrooms, courtrooms, study areas, and other academic, clinical, administrative and student activity spaces. The spectacular building is a beautiful place to study and teach, and open spaces foster collaboration between students, faculty and staff and create a supportive community. We are a 15-minute walk from downtown Seattle, the region's largest city and the Northwest's epicenter of business, technology and legal practice. 

Sullivan Hall

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Gender inclusive restrooms are located throughout Sullivan Hall.

  • First floor: One restroom, Law Clinic / Externship Office, Suite 115
  • Second floor: Two restrooms, Dean's Suite / Administrative Office, Suites 209 and 210
  • Third floor: Two restrooms, Law Library, north hallway near elevator
  • Fourth floor: Two restrooms, faculty area, north hallway

Please note: Some of these restrooms may be unavailable after business hours, when outer doors are locked.

Gender inclusive restrooms are one way that Seattle University works to respect the dignity of each person by providing inclusive and safe space for trans and gender non-conforming students, faculty, staff, and community members. Read more here.