Classroom Technology

All classrooms in Sullivan Hall and the Law School Annex come with standardized, smart podium interfaces. Users only need to learn how to interact with the presentation technology in one classroom in order to know how to interact with the presentation technology in every classroom.

To request in-person training, send an email to, or ask your administrative assistant to schedule training for you. Law School staff and full-time faculty can fill out request forms directly at: Assistance/Equipment Setup Request Form.

Classroom Technology Features

A complete list of tutorials on the use of classroom technology can be found here: Classroom Tutorials

Standardized Features

Sullivan Hall: C1, C3, C5, C6, C7, Courtroom (105), 109, 110, 121 (conference room), 309, 327, 328, 329
Law School Annex: 142, 143, 140m (clinic conference room)

  • Fixed Podiums with Touchscreen controls
  • Laptop Connections (there are no fixed computers in law school classrooms)
    • VGA video cable, 3.5mm sound output, power outlets, Ethernet
    • NOTE: VGA adapters required for all personal laptop/tablets.
  • Document Cameras with zoom and rotation controls
  • White boards (faculty must provide their own Dry Erase pens)
  • Touchscreen Controls for projection, lights, and sound
  • Telephones on the wall (for emergency or on-campus calls)
  • Audio and Video Conferencing (with prior arrangements)
  • Wireless network and wired Ethernet cable on every podium
    • Wired Ethernet use does not require any SU accounts
    • Wireless connections require an SU account, to setup guest wireless accounts contact the Help Desk.

Additional features in unique rooms:

  • Fixed Podium Microphones (C1, C5, C6, Courtroom, 109, 110, 309, 327, 329, 142, 143)
  • Ceiling Voice-Lift system for student discussions (C1, C5, C6, Courtroom)
  • SU School of Law logo projection (C5, C6, 105, 109, 142, 143, 309 )
  • Sound System VOIP inputs for laptops (C5, 309, 329, 142, 143)
    • Can be used to interface the classroom sound system with Skype and Adobe Connects
  • Hitachi Starboard & Fixed Computer (140m - clinic conference room only)
  • Table Microphone Inputs (C1, C5, C6, Courtroom, 110, 142, 143)
  • Wireless Lavaliere Clip-On microphones (C1, C5, C6, 105, 109, 110, 327, 329, 142, 143)
    • Keys to wireless microphone cabinet are available from administrative assistants

What you will NOT find in classrooms:

  • NO audio cassette decks
  • NO fixed computers; you will need access to a laptop with compatible ports or adapters.
  • NO display adapters for Macs, Ultrabooks, and Tablets (You will need your own VGA adapter for your make/model).
  • NO DVD players (you will need a laptop with a disc drive for playback)
  • NO VHS players (but one can be setup via prior arrangement)

Multipurpose Rooms (non-classroom spaces)

As our classrooms are often full, many specialty events are schedule in multipurpose rooms that often double as hallways, and/or study areas. If you are expecting to do a presentation in these areas, here is what you should know does or does not exist there.

Sullivan 2nd Floor Gallery

  • Microphone Inputs
  • iPod Music Player Inputs
  • Lighting

By pre-arrangement, a portable projector and screen can be setup. Panel microphones are also possible through the use of a mixer, which Media Services can setup.

Sullivan Conference Room 121

This room, formerly the Sullivan clinic conference room, has now been converted into a non-classroom space for conferences. However, it still retains its full-classroom functionality (as listed above).

Classroom Maintenance

Media Services conducts morning equipment checks inside all law school classrooms. IT checks basic services, refills battery supplies, and fixes or repairs any problems discovered. While these morning checks prevent most issues from impacting classes, breakdowns and/or user errors can impact equipment during the day. To report problems with the equipment in law school classrooms, call x4444 or send detailed e-mails to: