Connect to the Wireless Network

1. Verify or Do the Installation of the Network Card. There are many wireless Ethernet cards with many different installation methods, so read the instructions carefully and load the appropriate drivers for your card. If given the option, select Let Windows manage my wireless connection.

2. Find the SU Network. If the card is picking up a good signal from the network, you should see a popup window telling you One or more wireless networks are available (with Windows 2000 you will not see this message because it is less WiFi aware). If you see this message simply click on it. If you do not see the message you will need to look in the system tray for the network icon corresponding to the laptop's wireless card and double click it.

Wireless Connect

3. Connect to the SU Network. From this screen select the Allow me to connect check box and then click the Connect button on the bottom of the dialogue box. Once you have established this connection you should be able to open a browser window and log on the wireless network. Accept any and all security boxes that appear as a result of the connection.

4. Logon to the Wireless Network. Open a browser (IE or Firefox), and you will be redirected to the wireless logon page. Use your SU user ID and password to logon.