Outside Scholarships

Hudson County Bar Foundation offers a scholarship to students who are attending law school or who have been accepted to law school for the upcoming year. Students must be bona fide residents of Hudson County. See http://www.hcbalaw.com/Foundation.aspx for more information. Deadline is April 29, 2016.

American Attorney Group provides a $1,250 AIAG Law Marketing Scholarship for continuing students enrolled in law related programs who have aspirations of becoming a lawyer. See https://www.attorneygroup.com/american-attorney-law-marketing-scholarship/. Deadline is April 30, 2016.

The Johnston Law Firm, LLC offers the $1000 LSAT Prep Course Scholarship for aspiring lawyers. It is designed to cover the cost of an LSAT prep course, or $1,000, whichever is less. See http://johnston-lawfirm.com/lsat-prep-course-scholarship/. The deadline is April 30, 2016. 

The Law Offices of Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough are proud to create the $1000 Scholarship for Military Veterans in recognition of the bravery and dedication of our troops.  See http://www.lawyerworks.com/about-us/veterans-scholarship.php for essay and application information. The deadline is May 1, 2016.  

Michigan Auto Law is pleased to offer a $2000 scholarship to a law student who is currently attending an accredited law school, and demonstrates commitment to issues of diversity within their academic career. See http://www.michiganautolaw.com/scholarships/diversity/ for application information. The deadline is May 1, 2016.

The Loren Miller Bar Foundation provides the Philip L. Burton Memorial Scholarship to deserving third-year law students of African/African-American descent and/or law students who possess a demonstrated commitment to improving the African-American community. The scholarship funds are provided expressly to offset the recipient’s Washington State Bar Exam preparation course expenses. The amount of the award varies from year to year. See http://lmba.net/. Deadline is May 6, 2016.

Dickson Law Group with offices in Seattle and Tacoma, offers a $1000 video essay scholarship opportunity. See  http://www.dicksonlegal.com/scholarship for more details. The deadline is May 15, 2016. 

South Asian Bar Association of Washington (SABAW) has a $5,000 Public Interest Law scholarship to be awarded to a law student working on a discrete public interest law project or doing a summer/fall 2016 public interest law internship. Applicants must show either that they have contributed to the South Asian community, or that the project is connected to South Asia or the South Asian community in Washington. Applications require an essay of no more than 500 words to show suitability to criterion, a resume, and any other materials the applicant deems relevant. Send completed Applications to scholarships@sabaw.org. The deadline is May 16th, 2016.

Naqvi Injury Law provides the $2,000 American Accident Awareness Attorney Scholarship. Students enrolled in law related programs and have aspirations of becoming a lawyer are encouraged to apply. See http://naqvilaw.com/AAAA_Scholarship. The deadline is May 30, 2016.

CoilLaw, LLC. offers a $500 scholarship to students planning on attending law school. See http://coillaw.com/about-us/coillaw-llc-law-scholarship/. The deadline is May 31, 2016.

Ladah Law Firm provides a $2000 Car Accident Scholarship. Applicants must be attending law school by the Fall 2016 semester. It is judged based on need and commitment to helping others. See http://www.ladahlaw.com/las-vegas-car-accident-lawyer#scholarship-application. The deadline is May 31, 2016.

The Law Offices of John Phebus offer a $500 scholarship requiring a short essay discussing an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked their transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family. See http://www.phebuslawaz.com/The-Law-Offices-of-John-Phebus-Scholarship.shtml. The deadline is May 31, 2016.

Morris Law Firm announces the $500 Morris Law Firm #RobbyStrong Cancer Survivor Scholarship for the 2016 school year. This is designed to help a law student whose life has been affected by cancer.  See http://www.dmorrislaw.com/scholarship/. The deadline is May 31, 2016.

The Peck Law Firm, L.L.C. offers a $2000 scholarship to any student interested in pursuing a law-related career. Applicants must submit an essay that answers the question: What effects will the legalization of gay marriage have on religion, culture, and/or family law in America? See http://thepeckfirm.com/peck-law-firm-scholarship. The deadline is May 31, 2016.

Moses and Rooth will provide a $1,000 scholarship to one incoming 1L or currently enrolled law student for the 2016 Fall Semester. An essay is required on the topic: Do you think the criminal justice system adequately deals with America’s War on Drugs? See https://www.mosesandrooth.com/2016-legal-scholarship/. The deadline is June 1, 2016.

ATTSavings.com offers a $1000 Internet Education Scholarship. You must create an original info graphic on how apps are helping students learn in unique ways. See http://www.attsavings.com/scholarship. The deadline is June 15, 2016. 

Los Angeles DUI Attorney announces their $1000 Diabetes Scholarship to be awarded to a students who has been diagnosed with any type of diabetes and carries a 3.0 GPA. See https://www.losangelesduiattorney.com/los-angeles-dui-attorney-diabetes-scholarship/ . The deadline is June 15, 2016.

Norton & Norton provides a scholarship worth $500 available to anyone seeking a higher education. Applicants must write a short essay on the topic “What would you like to do to change the world for the better?”.  See http://www.nnlawkc.com/Norton-Norton-Scholarship.shtml. The deadline is June 30, 2016.

Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. is pleased to offer a $1,000 annual scholarship to provide financial assistance to law students preparing to enter law school for the first time. Applicants will submit an essay of approximately 500 words on an area of personal injury or civil litigation law with an emphasis on why they deserve the award.  Longer or shorter submissions are acceptable.  Applicants are welcome to submit video essays. For more information on eligibility criteria see http://flemingattorneys.com/fleming-law-scholarship/. The deadline is July 1, 2016.

Reiff and Bily announces their annual $1000 Reiff and Bily Legal Scholarship for any student studying for a career in the legal field. See http://www.reiffandbily.com/legal-scholarship/. The deadline is July 1, 2016.

Console & Hollawell provides a $1000 Legal Scholarship to anyone currently pursuing or accepted into a legal program. See http://www.consoleandhollawell.com/law-scholarship-2016/ for essay information and other criteria. The deadline is July 15, 2016.

Reiter & Walsh, P.C. is pleased to announce a $1500 scholarship to be awarded each year to a university or law school student who sustained a birth injury or who has a family member affected by a birth injury. See http://www.abclawcenters.com/birth-injury-caring-for-life-scholarship-2/. The deadline is July 31, 2015. 

The military trial lawyers of Gagne, Scherer & Associates, LLC announce a $1200 scholarship to the winner of an essay competition. See http://militarytriallawyers.com/college-scholarship/ for more information. The deadline is July 17, 2016. 

Petkey offers a $500 scholarship for students. Applicants must complete an essay or video and love pets. See petkey.org/scholarship. The deadline is July 22, 2016. 

Ernst Law Group is offering an annual $1000 Brain Injury Caregivers Scholarship for caregivers of those who suffer from brain injuries and to recognize a student whose life has been touched by a loved one’s injury. See http://www.ernstlawgroup.com/brain-injury-caregivers-scholarship/. The deadline is July 31, 2016. 

Pickard Parry Pfau offers the $1500 Southpaw Scholarship. Applicants must be left-handed. See http://pickardparry.com/scholarship. The deadline is July 31, 2016. 

Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC has created a $500 scholarship for Military Veteran Law Students. For more information, see https://www.bhwlawfirm.com/military-veteran-law-student-scholarship/. The deadline is August 1, 2016.

Probst Law Office, Inc. announced an annual $500 student scholarship program help students with their costs of education. Candidates must complete and essay and be in good academic standing with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. See http://www.probstlawoffice.com/student-scholarship-program/. The deadline is August 1, 2016.

Albertson & Davidson, LLP. offers a $2500 scholarship. Applicants must write an essay. See http://www.aldavlaw.com/scholarship/ for essay question and information. The deadline is August 24, 2016.

EverSpark Interactive offers the $1000 EverSpark Autism Awareness Scholarship that will be given to a high-achieving student that has been diagnosed with autism of any form or are studying autism-related research at a university. See http://www.eversparkinteractive.com/autism-awareness-scholarship. The deadline is August 30, 2016.

Baumgartner Law Firm provides a $1000 Car Accident Scholarship to help a student who’s been affected by a car accident & is committed to helping others in their career path. Applicants must be attending law school by the Fall 2016 semester. To apply, see https://baumgartnerlawyers.com/houston-car-accident-lawyer/#scholarship-application. The deadline is August 31, 2016. 

Waechter Medical-Legal $1000 Scholarship requires a 150 word essay.  Creativity wins and there are no GPA requirements. For application information see http://www.birthlaw.com/34.html. The deadline is September 1, 2016. 

Sattiraju Law Firm offers a $1000 scholarship to law students, especially those interested in employment law or are a relative of a transport truck driver who is an independent contractor. For the application and other criteria see http://www.sattirajulawfirm.com/. The deadline is December 30, 2016

American Indian College Fund awards educational scholarships to American Indian/Alaska Native undergraduate and graduate students attending tribal colleges and public or private/non-profit colleges. For a list of offered scholarships for graduate students see American Indian College Fund - graduate.

Berks County Community Foundation awards many educational scholarships to a Berks County, PA resident. For a list of offered scholarships see bccf.org/scholarships.

BLSA has funded and developed a financial aid Web site that provides a plethora of scholarship information and provides several ways that donations can be made to the "Students of Color Scholarship Fund." They invite you to review the information at www.financialaid4you.com.

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Scholarship information for international students may be found at www.internationalscholarships.com.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or confirm outside scholarships. Students should research the firm or organization carefully before submitting an application and always read the fine print. You will not be asked to pay an application fee for a legitimate scholarship. 

For answers to any questions you have about financial aid, please contact Student Financial Services at lawfa@seattleu.edu.