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Law School Staff Council

Each year members of the Seattle University School of Law staff are appointed by the Dean to serve 1-2 year commitments as members of the Staff Council.


The School of Law Staff Council promotes dialogue, collaboration, and recognition amongst staff, administration, and faculty, with the goal to develop opportunities for staff and to clarify staff concerns to the law school administration.



  • Serve as a liaison for staff when communicating with administration, faculty, and students.

  • Enhance communication among staff and with administration, faculty, and students.

  • Provide opportunities for staff to present interests, concerns and issues affecting staff.

  • Provide information on matters of interest to staff and the law school community.


  • Promote a positive, inclusive, and respectful community and atmosphere among School of Law staff, administration, faculty, and students.

Leadership and Support

  • Identify and examine general staff concerns and interests, explore solutions, and formulate recommendations to the Dean.

  • Continuing to represent and promote the best interests of the staff by striving to improve working conditions, policies and procedures affecting staff, and the general welfare and opportunities for staff.

  • Support staff participation in decision making on matters that concern staff.

  • Conduct an annual staff survey and report results to the administration.

Professional Development & Personal Well-Being

  • Develop opportunities for staff to enhance their professional development and personal well-being.


  • Support the recognition and appreciation of staff members within the School of Law.

Service & Community Engagement

  • Foster opportunities for staff participation in the community engagement and service components of the Seattle University mission.