2011 - 2012 Exhibits

History of Law Dictionaries Exhibit (June 2012)

Law dictionaries are vital study aids for students and references for professionals. This display highlighted the various dictionaries available at the Seattle University Law Library. From a dictionary over 300 years old to modern and specialized dictionaries, this display demonstrated the convenience and usefulness of law dictionaries throughout time. (2nd floor)

National Library Week Read Poster Exhibit (April 2012)

The highlight of the National Library Week festivities is the Library's annual display of celebrity "Read" posters featuring law school faculty and books that hold special significance to them. (2nd floor)

Ancestry Is Not a Crime: A Tribute to Gordon Hirabayashi (March 2012)

This new exhibit, located on the Law Library’s second floor, portrays Gordon Hirabayashi’s life through photographs, his journal, letters, news clipping, and other materials. Stephanie Wilson (Law Library) and Ryan Barnes (Communications) were responsible for the research, creation, and design of this unique display . (2nd floor)

Bluebook Exhibit (January 2012)

Generations of law students, lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals have relied on the Bluebook's system of citation in their writing. This exhibit presents the history of the Bluebook. (2nd floor)

History of Voting (November 2011)

This exhibit provides information relating to the gradual expansion of voting rights, as well as an overview of the technology of voting. (2nd floor)

United States Constitution Day Exhibit (September 2011)

This exhibit features how our school and other institutions are observing Constitution Day and highlights the history and significance of our Constitution. (2nd floor)

Banned Books Week Exhibit (September 2011)

This exhibit features authors that have been recently challenged or banned, along with excerpts from some of the authors regarding their thoughts and perspectives on book banning and censorship. (2nd floor)

Do's and Don'ts of the Library (August 2011)

Our "Do's and Don'ts of the Library" exhibit informs patrons of our services and policies. (2nd floor)

Law School Survival Guides (August 2011)

This exhibit welcomes incoming first-year students to Seattle University School of Law by suggesting books on the law school experience. (2nd floor)

Philosophy of Lawyering Exhibit from Professor Natasha Martin's Professional Responsibility Course (ongoing)

Since 2003, Professor Martin has invited students in her Professional Responsibility course to express their personal philosophies of lawyering in various forms including tangible creative expressions. Over the years, students have created oil-on-canvas paintings, poems, original music scores, collages, an inspiration box, a mock-Monopoly game ("Lawyeropoly"), and handmade quilts, to name a few. This exhibit includes several of the students' pieces and their explanatory essays. (4th floor)

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