Continuing Legal Education

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On Demand Webinar Library

 Listed below are SU Law's Audio and Video CLE webinars that are available for purchase. AV CLE Credits are self-reported. You can report AV credits by accessing your "My WSBA" page or contacting WSBA.

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2016 Just Enough to Be Dangerous - Elder Law

In the Information Age, legal practitioners and clients alike have more information at their fingertips than ever before. There’s just enough information available to endanger the estate planning goals and financial well-being of a client when that information is used in a vacuum and without the guidance of a skilled legal practitioner. The danger of not knowing what you don’t know is not limited to clients. It’s more important than ever for legal practitioners to understand their role in bridging the gap between client and the legal system, and continuously refreshing their understanding of their chosen legal disciplines, and the important role they play to their client as counselor and advisor. 

2016 Blood Breath and Tears

Both defending and prosecuting attorneys require an understanding of the science and function of the new breath and blood testing instruments, as well as the discovery issues and evolving case law surrounding DUI for cannabis as well as alcohol. This program provides functional information on the new Draeger Alcotest instrument and the facts of cannabis absorption and elimination as well as impairment levels; build connections between alcohol and cannabis investigation phases; cover the groundbreaking angles brought before SCOTUS and the Washington Supreme Court regarding constitutionality of breath and blood tests; and offer practical tips on ethical dilemmas with clients accused of DUI. 

2016 Defender Conference

Justice - What does Money have to do with it? This year’s program will cover important topics and trends in legal defense but will also have an emphasis on the role of money in our system. Topics include: Cash warrants and related financial barriers; Bail issues; Monetary Sanctions and LFO barriers. There will also be sessions on: National Trends in Workload Studies, and Litigation to Limit Caseloads; how defenders can address implied racial bias; and a new initiative to help clients who have multiple arrests, and a history of mental illness and substance abuse. 

Ethics Programs

A selection of ethics programs from past years, especially featuring Professors John Strait and David Boerner, nationally known ethics experts. 

2015 Programs

Programs from the 2015 calendar year, ranging from legal project management to Ebola and employment law. 

2014 Programs

Seminars from the 2014 calendar year, ranging from Supreme Court decisions to public defense. 

2013 Programs

Seminars from the 2013 calendar year, covering ethics, the new marijuana law, and practice management. 

2011 Programs

Seminars from the 2011 calendar year, covering topics such as Wall Street reform, civil rights advocacy, and LGBT families. 

Practice Management Programs

These courses provide guidance for business development and managing your practice in the 21st century. 

2015 Indian Law – Building Business in Indian Country

A faculty from the Northwest and around the nation provides in-depth analysis of the Governance of Business Entities-Best Options and Their Consequences; Building in Indian Country: Understanding and Successfully Navigating Construction Contracts; The Art of the Deal in Indian Country: Effective Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration Options, Skills, Tactics and Strategies; Land Acquisition for Gaming On and Off-Reservation in the Era of Carcieri and Patchak; and, Powering your Business: Developing Constructing and Financing Alternative Energy Projects in Indian Country. 

2014 Tribal Government Business Law Programs

Tribal Governmental Business Law was the focus for the 2014 Summer Practice Academy's Indian Law Certificate Program. The five-session program was spread over two and a half days from June 25 through June 27, 2014 and included sessions on labor and employment law, supreme court barriers to land acquisition, energy development, internet gaming, and trends and developments in taxation. These webinars may be purchased individually or in a five-session package.