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Please complete the following fields below to submit your pro bono or volunteer activity. The eligible hours you record will count toward your yearly and overall Pledge goals.

Important notes:

  • Please only report activity that has already been completed.
  • If your activity was through an internal organization, please list the specific clinic, student org., etc. as the "Organization" and list your faculty advisor as the supervisor. If none, you may list your student organization's leader as the supervisor.
  • You should see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email once your activity is submitted. If you do not receive this confirmation, please resubmit your form, as your activity may not have been received. If you continue to experience errors, please (as a last resort) submit your activity and notify the contact below of the problems you are experiencing.

For additional information, please visit the Pro Bono Pledge Program FAQs posted here or contact the Access to Justice Institute at 206.398.4173 or by e-mail at

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Please submit a separate entry for each year (for Pledge purposes this year began on May 1, 2015, or the day you
started law school). For example, if you volunteered from October 2014 through September 2015, please complete
one report for October 2014 - April 2015 and one from May 2015 through September 2015.

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Legal Pro Bono | Other Volunteer
Read about activity definitions and eligibility.

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Administrative Work
Client Intake or Interviewing
Providing Legal Information and Referrals
Providing Legal Advice or Brief Services
Community Service
Document Preparation
Educational Presentation
Event Planning
Externship or Clinic Hours
Legislative or Policy Advocacy
Meetings with Clients or Community Members
Meetings with Supervisors or Colleagues
Mentoring or Teaching
Organization Management or Board Service
Review Evidence or Documents
Research and Writing or Editing
Trial or Case Preparation
Trial or Hearing
Other Direct Client Services

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