Tammy White
"The Part-Time Program is filled with many students who are working professionals, starting a second career, or returning to school after raising children. This professional diversity offered an array of perspectives that led to lively classroom discussion. There is something to be said for real-life experience."

Tammy White '10
Prosecuting attorney, Kent, Washington

Enrollment Options

Seattle University School of Law lets you choose the program that's right for you. In addition to our Full-Time Program, we offer the state's only Part-Time Program for working professionals. You can choose to start your studies in the summer or fall  and can take classes during the day or in the evening. 

Also, as a part of our holistic admission process, our Access Admission Program is available to select students who don't meet traditional admission criteria but show great promise for success in law school.

Part-Time Evening Program

Part-Time Evening Program

The part-time evening program is designed for working professionals or those with other daytime obligations, and is the only such law program in Washington State. The program commences in June with a single first-year course, Criminal Law. The course load over the fall and spring terms totals 17 (or 19) credits. Classes convene at 6 p.m. just three nights a week in the first two years of this four-year program. Learn more about the part-time program here.

Accelerated Program

Because we offer classes year-round, you can choose to reduce your time in law school by attending full-time through the academic year and taking summer courses. A full-time student, for example, could graduate in just two and a half years by taking a full course load each fall, spring, and summer.

Access Admission

Our renowned Access Admission Program recognizes students from under-represented communities who have overcome substantial obstacles and whose potential may not be accurately reflected by traditional academic indicators such as LSAT scores or undergraduate GPAs.

Applications for the program MUST be complete by February 1, including the submission of a valid LSAT score and all other required application materials. Admission is highly competitive and enrollment is limited to no more than 10 percent of each incoming class.

Access Admission students begin their studies each June, taking a substantive first-year course, Criminal Law, and participating in intensive writing seminars and sessions on exam taking and study skills. Under the auspices of our Academic Resource Center (ARC), a faculty supervisor, legal writing faculty, and other support staff offer guidance for these students during the first summer and throughout law school.

Full-Time Summer Entry

All entering full-time students may choose to begin their studies in June by completing a single Criminal Law class during a six week summer term, thereby reducing their fall course load. Classes are offered at convenient times for those working during the summer. If you're new to the region, summer is the perfect time to settle into life in the Emerald City!

In addition to reducing your fall class load, students have the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for their legal studies. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) supports students in developing critical legal skills and knowledge for success in the first year of law school and beyond. During weekly Criminal Law lclass, students work collaboratively to develop skills to read and interpret legal text, synthesize rules and policy, and engage in effective legal analysis. By the end of the summer, students not only gain the ability to understand and apply the law, but they also know how to apply these skills for their fall courses.

Full-Time Fall Entry

Students who begin their legal studies in the fall take 15 credits in the fall term and 15 credits in the spring to complete their first-year legal studies over the traditional nine-month academic year. Classes typically convene between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.