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Deirdre Bowen
Director, Madrid Study
Abroad Program - U.S.
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Lori Lamb
International Programs Administrator
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Attendance, Grades, & Exam


Students will sign a code of conduct before participating in the program as part of their admission into the program.  Students know that attendance will be taken each and every day.  Missing more than ten minutes of class (at the beginning, middle, or end of the class) will be counted as an absence.  Missing more than one class will result in dismissal from the program with no credit or refund.


Students will be given take-home exams.  Instructions and deadlines will be provided in the syllabus.

Grades & Transcript

Grades of A+ through D-, and the grade of P, are passing grades. Grades of F, F+ or WF are failing grades.

Definition of Grades and grade points:
A+ = 4.33 B+ = 3.33 C+ = 2.33 D+ = 1.33 F+ = .33
A = 4.00 B = 3.00 C = 2.00 D = 1.00 F = .00
A- = 3.67 B- = 2.67 C- = 1.67 D- = .67 WF = .00

Grades of A+ through D-, and the grade of P, are passing grades. Grades of F, F+ or WF are failing grades.

Credits for courses are dependent on home institution's approval.

Transcripts can be requested through the Office of the Registrar.  They ask for two full working days to process all requests. Official and unofficial transcripts are free to all students.

  1. Download a Document Request form. Document requests can be faxed to (206) 398.4058, scanned, or mailed to the address noted below. If you are a non-SU student, please indicate on the request that you participated in the SU-sponsored summer-abroad program (Spain or South Africa).
  2. Send a written, signed request to:
    Seattle University School of Law
    Office of the Registrar
    901 12th Avenue - Sullivan Hall
    Seattle, WA 98122-1090
  3. To email your request, please follow the instructions on this link.  Keep in mind that the more complete the information you submit to us, the faster we can locate your record. Therefore, please include the following information in your written request:
  • Student ID# (or Social Security Number)
  • Full Name
  • Former name(s)
  • Date of Birth
  • Graduation Year
  • Address/mailing instructions
  • Contact information
  • Your signature