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How to register for an Externship

Turn in your Externship Application Form (along with all required materials) to the Externship Office. Once you have notified the Externship Office of your acceptance and your eligibility has been verified, your information will be transmitted to the Registrar, who will then register you for the Externship. You cannot register yourself for an Externship (if you try to do so on-line, you’ll get an error message).

SPRING 2017 EXTERNSHIP DEADLINES- The deadline to submit a completed Externship Application form to the Externship Program Office is November 30, 2016. The deadline to submit application materials for the Externship Program Office to forward to the sites is December 8, 2016. Please note that if any of the externship seminars (civil, criminal, in-house/government, or judicial) reaches it's registration cap before the deadline, we will close off the application process for that seminar early (you will no longer be able to apply to externships that fall into the seminar category, but may apply to other open seminars). It is best to inform the Externship Program Office about your plans to apply to externships early in the semester. Contact the Externship Program Office if you have any questions.

Application and Registration

How to apply for an Externship

In order to begin the application process, you must schedule an appointment with Externship Faculty if you have never met with our office before. Appointments can be made on TWEN.

Students must submit applications to the Externship Office, via email.

  • If you have not done so before, please have the Center for Professional Development (CPD) review your resume. If you are applying to externships for the first time, we recommend that you have CPD review your cover letter as well.
  • For each semester, you should begin by submitting applications for sites that fall within ONE area/seminar. Students externing at sites are assigned to a seminar based on the following categories:
    • Prosecuting Attorney's Offices and Public Defenders (Criminal Seminar);
    • Legal Services Organizations and other Non-profits (Civil Seminar);
    • Government Agencies and In-house Counsel's Offices (IH/GOV Seminar);
    • Courts and Administrative Tribunals (Judicial Seminar);
    • Legislative and Lobbying Organizations (Legislative Seminar- SPRING ONLY);
    • International Organizations and Tribunals (International Seminar)
  • The Externship Seminars have a capped enrollment. To secure a place in a given seminar before an offer is made, you must submit at least THREE completed applications (revised cover letter, resume, transcript, writing sample and letter of recommendation or list of references - if required by the site) within that area/seminar. You can indicate which is your first choice; we will send that one first only if there is plenty of time before the next semester, if not we will send out all three together. Once a seminar is filled, you may not be enrolled for credit, although you may apply again in a future semester or volunteer if the site permits. You may also apply at any other externship sites in seminars that are still open.
  • Once your materials have been received the Externship Faculty will review one of your cover letters and any suggested edits will be emailed back to you. It is up to you to incorporate the suggested edits into all of your cover letters. Application materials will not be submitted until you have emailed your updated materials or informed the Externship Office that you would like your materials submitted 'as is'. Students will receive a notice from the Externship Office with the date that your externship materials were submitted. Supervisors regularly comment that the materials they receive from the Externship Office are of higher quality than materials sent directly without any review. 

The application packet consists of:

  • Student Externship Application Form (only one application form needs to be filled out per semester);
  • Cover letter addressed to the Supervising Attorney or contact person listed for the sponsor on the Externship Sponsors Database;
  • Resume;
  • Unofficial law school transcript, including classes in progress;
  • Writing Sample, where requested; and
  • Additional materials as requested by site (see database materials requirement).

All application materials for each externship site will be forwarded to the supervisor or contact person. Sponsors will be asked to make their selections by the upcoming semester’s registration period.  You must accept the first offer received, so we recommend applying to your top choices first.