How to register for an Externship

Turn in your Externship Application (along with all required materials) to the Externship Office. Once you have notified the Externship Office of your acceptance and your eligibility has been verified, your information will be transmitted to the Registrar, who will then register you for the Externship. You cannot register yourself for an Externship (if you try to do so on-line, you’ll get an error message).

Application and Registration

How to apply for an Externship

Students must submit applications to the Externship Office, via email or in person at the Law Clinic in the Law School Annex at 1215 East Columbia.  Once your materials have been received the Externship Faculty will review one of your cover letters and any suggested edits will be emailed back to you. It is up to you to incorporate the suggested edits into all of your cover letters. Application materials will not be submitted until you have emailed your updated materials or informed the Externship Office that you would like your materials submitted 'as is'. Students will receive a notice from the Externship Office with the date that your externship materials were submitted.

Supervisors regularly comment that the materials they receive from the Externship Office are of higher quality than materials sent directly by a student without any review. If you submit your materials too close to a deadline and they cannot be reviewed, we will still submit them for you.

Students should submit one externship application listing the site(s) they wish to apply to, along with application materials for each externship site to which they wish to apply. The application packet consists of:

  • Student Externship Application (one per student per semester);
  • Cover letter addressed to the Supervising Attorney or contact person listed for the sponsor on the Externship Sponsors Database;
  • Resume;
  • Unofficial law school transcript, including classes in progress;
  • Writing Sample, where requested; and
  • Additional materials as requested by site (see database materials requirement).

You do not need to fill out an application form for each externship site you are applying to. If you are applying for both full-time and part-time externships please submit a single application form, listing each site you are applying to on the form.

All application materials for each externship site will be forwarded to the supervisor or contact person immediately following the SU deadlines. For site profiles listing an ongoing deadline, your materials will be submitted in a timely manner after receipt by the Externship office.  Sponsors will be asked to make their selections by the upcoming semester’s registration period.